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About How to Market Your Candy Wrapping Business:

Learn how to market your candy wrapper business and get people's attention. It will being in more customers. Having a job and holding on to it is vital in these times of economic instability and uncertainty.

How to Market Your Candy Wrapping Business

People look for fun, unique, creative and well designed ideas when they shop for candy wrappers. It can be for a gift, keepsake, party favour or a promotional giveaway. Your customers can be found in just about anywhere you explore. They may be in your neighborhood, at the school, in a shopping mall or on the internet. Be alert to any potential situation that will give you business. Your partner’s company may be looking for a new way to promote the business, a friend will have a baby, an anniversary will be coming along or a couple will be getting married. The opportunities are endless.


While you can cash in on the celebrations or events happening in your community, you need to decide on ways to market your products to a wider audience to increase your turnover. There are several ways of promoting your wrappers.


The internet is by far the best tool to reach the masses. You can either construct the web site on your own or a contractor can be hired for the job. The amount of time on your hands and how much you are willing to spend on the web site will determine which option better suits you. You will need a unique domain name and a hosting provider.


Another great way to market your product is through catalogs and portfolios. A catalog will contain samples of wrappers categorized according to the various themes on offer and sizes and candy types. You can also add details of any additional design methods you offer such as wrappers with scanned images, logos and other art work. Catalogs are given to customers to keep, so you need to be aware of the costs involved in making these. A portfolio on the other hand will be similar to a catalog but will be used to show potential customers the designs available. You can therefore spend more and bring together a great looking collection of your wrapper designs for customers to go through.


If catalogs are beyond your budget for the moment, you can opt for flyers. They will save a lot on ink and paper. Different flyers can be designed for separate themes. Your contact information, a few of your designs and an order form can be included in it.

As an alternative to giving out a business card, you can give customers a sample of your product with your business information on it. An example would be to offer Mint books with your contact details printed on the back.


Is your community organizing a special event or a fund raiser? Freebies are another great way to take your product to the masses. You can give away a raffle prize or make a donation to the event. Remember to place your contact information on the items.

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