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Jobs and Careers  
Jobs and careers guide for various industry to choose and get a right job and land a job that makes a difference.

Jobs and Careers

Our jobs and careers affect not only our lives, but also our families and loved ones. This section gives information on the different types of jobs available and options of working from home. Learn about the variety of ways in which you can provide for your family and get on the path to financial freedom. Also learn of ways how you can improve your qualifications and move up the ladder to a higher position.

Career planning
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About How to Create the Best Possible CV/Resume:professional cv :

The key to getting the job you want is your resume. The more professional and attractive your résumé is, the more likely you are to land in a job which you will love! A resume is a document which simply promotes you and gives an employer an idea of all the fantastic things you’ve done throughout your career…believe me, it’s NOT a job application or a confession!

The benefits of becoming a Virtual Assistant

There are the ups and downs to any career, at some stage, but being a Virtual Assistant has many advantages and benefits, especially if you are a Work at Home:working at home job mom.


The benefits are:


You set your goals, objectives and working hours. What better way than to work on your own terms and conditions. This maybe like a dream come true for those who have a stressful office job who will give tooth and nail to work from home. As a Virtual Assistant you are your own boss, you decide what time you start work and what time you end work , you decide what you are going to achieve today, all while keeping in mind that the clients needs and requirements are priority.


Work from your own home. As a Virtual Assistant you don’t need to rent a space, you can work from your own living room, study or bedroom. As Virtual Assistants, work remotely and most often in their homes, they have flexibility and the comfort. They don’t have to worry about their kids as they can be home for the kids while working. This makes a big difference to the family, as you don’t have to feel guilty when your baby or toddler is sick and have to leave him to go to your job.


Your start up costs is very low. Yes, since almost everyone own a computer and have an internet connection, you don’t have to incur any additional costs.


You decide on your pay. Yes you heard that right, you can fix your own pay, but exercise some cautions as you may need to conduct a survey and check the market rates from time to time so that you don’t end up getting under paid. Generally when advertising your services online, client can bid for your services.


Training and Development. Like computer needing to be upgraded with the latest technology, your skills should also be up to the required standard. You have to constantly train yourself on the basic skills such as letter writing and report writing to give your client the best of your services, instead of an obsolete piece of work. This also gives a feeling of professionalism and helps you in expanding your career and business.


You become a valuable member your clients business. You may become indispensable as your client will rely on you and you will in turn rely on him. It’s a two way street, but very satisfying as long as both parties are happy. If your client is happy with your work and you can look forward to a long term business relationship.


No taxes. You don’t pay this tax or that tax. The only overhead you will incur being a Virtual Assistant is electricity cost and stationery costs. You are paid on a contract and therefore no taxes will have to be paid by you or the employer. This is useful to both parties in the long run.


Start small. You have the option to be a small time Virtual Assistant and gradually progress and provide your services to big companies. While you have only a few services, do it to the best of your ability and make it a priority to produce top quality work. Then in no time you will earn a reputation for yourself and earn more money to expand your services and open up your own business and tackle those big clients.

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