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The Advantages and Disadvantages

So, you’ve decided to hunt for new jobs but in crossroads over making the choice between the government sector and private sector. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Many people face this challenge of deciding one over the other and not knowing which the better choice is. This is a tough decision, but just like any other, if you have the right information, then it makes it that much easier to evaluate and make the best possible choice for yourself.

The best way of deciding anything is writing your own pros and cons list. In other words, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both sectors?

For instance, government jobs are perfect for you if you want to have job security and stability because once you land one, you know the job is yours unless you decide to leave. You will have decent working hours, generally a nine to five job and especially if you’re a woman and unless necessary, you probably won’t have to work late hours. But if you do have an overtime shift to do, be sure you will get extra pay for the number of hours you put in. Government jobs also carry the advantage of providing retirement benefits at the end of your service. This is a great investment as you have something to depend on at the end of your working years.

If you would like to specialize in your job or conduct research in your field, government jobs can provide you the funding and assistance in higher education and most likely it will be covered by the particular institution or organization. At the same time, you will know the impact you make as all government jobs are directly linked to the country’s decision making.

Disadvantages however include strict procedures and processes that one must adhere to, even if one knows that it is the most inefficient way about. To change such a procedure takes considerable time and getting a promotion almost always require longer time than in the private sector as there is a hierarchy to follow.

This is where private sector jobs score better points as performance is the key measurement in better salary and promotions. You may not work from nine to five like in a government job and sometime if you’re in a managerial role you might not get paid for overtime, but be sure that your hard work will be rewarded and recognized better and faster than in a government organization.

The main disadvantage of a private sector job role, however is that you’re job will not have the stability and security as a government job and in most cases you wont have the retirement benefits you get in the government sector, so it’s more or less a case of ‘you reap what you sow’.

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