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By Tina

The last time I was on a computer, Bill Gates worked for Macintosh and there was no such thing as Windows. A decade later, I’m a single mom with two kids, a dog, cat, fish, second mortgage in the suburbs and an ‘ex’ jerk, (I’m not bitter,) that rarely sends a check.

With him gone, life really could have been perfect, if I didn’t have to work. I hated outside sales and my kids hated daycare. Caregivers always said, “Five minutes after you’re gone they’re fine.” But, my gut told me when my baby’s screaming while griping onto my neck for life, she really didn’t want me to go. At two years old, I think that’s okay. My gut told me to stay home.

Although I had never been on the internet, I’ve always had an entrepeneurial spirit and I saw the web as a new frontier with limitless possibilities. I knew I wanted to be there. I wasn’t quite sure what I would do there, but I believed it would come to me.

I originally built to be an example of work created by, (my web site development company.) Although I fully believed in the concepts that created absoluteshopper, I wrongly believed it would take lots of advertising dollars to make it a viable business. With this mind-set, I aggressively established a web page development business, leaving absoluteshopper largely ignored.

It was around the holidays that I began to notice a dramatic increase in hits. I started to pay closer attention and sure enough, with a little T.L.C., absoluteshoppers growth has been excellent. I’ve recently stopped all other business endeavors and have decided to focus full time on absoluteshopper. I’ve also added a partner who will be handling the financial end of the business.

I look at the web like the old west; come now and stake your claim. I do believe that someday a complex system of regulation will be developed. When that happens, independent domains will become like real-estate, with ever increasing price tags. I now own three URL’s and I believe mere ownership alone will someday be valuable.

I also believe that the immaturity of the web is immediately apparent in the complete lack of creative advertising vehicles. Here you have an endless wealth of businesses trying to be seen, and yet their only venues are search engines and banners.

Search engines, these high tech yellow pages, are becoming increasingly impossible to work with. The top engines now receive upwards of 7000 submissions per day. If you haven’t seen the latest on Yahoo! let me fill you in. Now, when you submit, you are given two options: you can submit the ‘old fashion’ way. Wait your 8 to 10 weeks to see if the Yahoo gods have blessed you. Or, you can now opt to pay $199.00 per submission, to be guaranteed to be considered for inclusion within 7 to 10 days. Yes, I said only considered. They’re quick to point out that your $199.00 does not guarantee you a listing.

Everyday I’m amazed at the ever increasing numbers of search engines. Come on now! Where is the creativity? This is the medium of the future. We have to be able to come up with better rather than more of the same.

That’s what I want to do. That’s why I’m here. That’s where absoluteshopper started. I want to offer small independent crafters, manufacturers and retailers an inexpensive place to advertise their site and products, not by a listing, but with full product images, descriptions and prices. I know it’s just a beginning . I want to help find ways to lessen our dependency on search engines. I believe that would be a real contribution to the Internet. I want to be a pioneer in this futuristic advertising medium.

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