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Liz Folger interview with Tammy Carlton, Candy Wrapper
Owner of: Carlton Candy Covers

Also Bizymom Host on Candy Creations and Crafts for your home biz! Chat with her Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm EST in the Bizymoms Chat room

Read how a mom of SIX turned her love of crafting into a wonderful business!

Liz: Tammy, can you tell us a little about yourself and your family please?

Tammy Carlton

Tammy: I'm a mom of 6 (2-23 yr olds.18yr old. 9.7 and 5 yr old) and a Grandma of 4. Married to the most wonderful man in the world! Active in my church, I can be found at summer out reach events, painting children's faces and twisting balloons into various animal shapes. At home, I have yet to let a crafting opportunity pass me by.

Being a stay at home Mom for the last 10 years I decided in 2002 to take my crafting talents and start a home based business wrapping candy bars. As with all things creative, it wasn't long before I was pumping out fun and unique candy bar wrappers... and CarltonCandyCovers was born. As I had said before... I love to craft...but for some reason, creating personalized ~ fun covers for candy bars was something I wanted to take further. I found my passion and turned it into a great business!

I credit Bizymoms.com with inspiring my jump into starting this fun business
as I have been active in the message boards and chat rooms. My supportive
Husband has given me the self confidence to juggle a home business and
family life. Having watched him build our family home one 2 x 4 at a time I
have learned the value of determination and patience and to believe in your

My children are all very helpful when it comes to getting my work done!
There are times they help by wrapping, sharing with others about my
business, or for the little ones… giving me just the few minutes I may need
of peace to get something done so that I can spend the rest of my free
time playing with them.

Liz: Have you had any other home businesses in the past, before Candy Wrapping?

Tammy: No, but I have been into crafting since a small child. I have sold some things and gave a lot away.

Liz: Why did you get started in the candy wrapping business?

Tammy: I started my Candy Wrapping business after I had made birth announcements for one of my boys from my rubber stamping supplies. I thought it was so much fun. I had also gotten such a great response to them that I started looking into doing it as a business. Luckily, I came across Bizymoms and discovered the wide world of Candy Wrapping!

Liz: Has BizyMoms helped you with your home business at all?

Tammy: Yes! Very much so!!! I met some awesome ladies on Bizymoms both by posting messages on the boards and attending chats. The encouragement and support was amazing! For every excuse I had of why I didn't think I could do it...I got 2 reasons why I could.

Liz: How have you gone about marketing your business?

Tammy: The best way I have found to market my Candy Wrapping business is with Samples! I make business cards from Hershey Mini's or with my
MatchMints. I leave them everywhere--with a tip from dinner, with my bank
teller, with the cashier at the grocery store, etc. I've taken them on vacation with me and left them at the hotels we stay at. I also find that I can advertise my business by using my items as gifts—birthday gifts, wedding
gifts, thank you gifts.. and so on!

Having a 'Home Business' you really need to get the word out about your
biz. People don't know you are open for business just because you decide
to have one. You need to get out there with flyers, biz cards, samples…etc.

Liz: What does your family think of your home business?

Tammy: My family Loves my Candy Wrapping Business! I have full support from my children and husband! I do have to say with all the love and support I do get from my kids and hubby, my mom and dad are my biggest fans!

Liz: What are you most proud of when it comes to owning your own business?

Tammy: Wow. I would have to say just actually doing it! I have had issues
with self esteem. Didn't think I was good enough, smart enough but with support from my family and friends--I did it! I am very proud of myself for being able to encourage other Moms to do the same. Does a heart good to hear my kids talk about their mommy's Business!

Liz: What are your tips and suggestions for moms out there who are looking
to start a home business?

Tammy: Love what you do! I love my Candy Wrapping business for a few
different reasons. The respect I get from my family for taking this on, the
pride I have in myself, the joy I bring to others, the fun of creating
something personally for someone else and of course the few extra dollars I
have to spoil myself or kids. Check your area for the need of your
business. Share your thoughts and ideas with your friends and family.
Definitely visit the Bizymoms boards and chat rooms. The support and
information there is awesome!

Whatever you do--Don't start a home business out of spite! Don't do it just
to prove someone wrong! You should start a business of your own for YOU!
Sure, others may benefit from your business. Like your family and you may
end up proving yourself to others anyway, but in the end, that's not the feeling you want to carry around with yourself. You should have joy in what you do!

Liz: You host a topic “CandyCreations and Crafts for your Home Biz” here at Bizymoms in a chat and on the message boards, right? Can you tell us a little bit more about that and when your chat is?

Tammy: CandyCreations and Crafts for your home Biz and Candywrapping combined is a satisfying business! Candy Wrapping is printed Wraps that express your sentiments, your special events and memorable occasions! Candy creations are a variety of items using assorted hard candies or 'wrapped' candy to create things such as candy bouquets, candy sundaes, candy cakes and gift cans or boxes. A Candy Bouquet can be a great gift for anyone. A simple small watering can filled with an arrangement of candies or a flower vase filled with Hershey Kiss Roses. Gift Cans or boxes are great for all those gift giving needs. All these things are great for any business either as an addition to their present business or a business of its own!

Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm EST in the Bizymoms Chat room is where you will
find me helping and sharing. So that others can start or add to their business with some 'Sweet' ideas.

*For information on Bizymoms' Candy Wrapping Career Kit visit: http://www.bizymoms.com/cart/careers/candywrap_kit.html


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