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Unique Party Coordinator

By Amanda Groves

Along the way I made a lot of busy women who rarely had time for parties not to mention planning them. So as an extra I would add planning the entire party in with the show. I left the MLM world in debt because I constantly bought new products to show and eventually my boyfriend ( who is now my Husband ) got sick of working 40 hours a week in a factory and coming home to me crying over the bills. I went back to the working world and began doing Telemarketing. I made decent money but it wasn't full filling. Once again I became a stay at home Mom.

I started doing volunteer fundraising and party-planning for my Sons' preschool, and our Church. In 1998 I became a licensed Minister and started planning and performing Wedding ceremonies. I had an idea for a Las Vegas style wedding chapel in Ohio.

But business was not yet good enough to pay for it. I have terriblecredit and cannot get a loan to save my life. I started Brainstorming. I had done so much Party Planning in the past I could expand my business and get repeat customers that I so desperately need. It was then that "Mandie's Unique Parties" was born. I went bowling on Friday evening and spoke with a few of my bowling buddies and the response I got was Tremendous. Everybody and their Brother has something to plan. I was in shock. I put up a webpage to describe the services I offer. All I can say is that though I may have not hit the Internet to hard yet my telephone sure is ringing a lot. On July 4, 1999 we had our annual BBQ which all of my friends and family gather for our local fireworks. I told everyone about the new business, and everyone was excited. My cousin who is also a WAHM is now working with me on creating a network of WAHMs to complete all party needs. Though I never finished college, I am happy with my career choice. Business is already picking up and my life changed all in one weekend.

The odd thing was my business as always right underneath my nose I just needed to look down and see it. For anyone who is interested in this type of business, I must say it's a lot of work, but very rewarding. Good Luck and always follow your dreams.

Amanda Groves
CEO Mandie's Unique Parties

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