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Start your own pet photographing business from home

If you love pets and enjoy taking photos, why not combine the two ideas and own a pet photography business from home?

You need not do this full time. You can keep your full time conventional job and take photographs of pets during the weekends or after office hours. It will get you that extra income you have always wanted!

The demand…

How many people you know own a pet or two? Yes there are many pet owners in the United States and most of them are professionals willing to pay the price for a valuable moment captured with their pet. Today a pet is treated a family member and billions of dollars are being spent on gourmet food, cosmetic services, health care, and specialty items for them.

The essentials you need…

Your camera and the love for photography and pets!
It is best to use a digital camera because of the convenience and the clarity of the final product. It is also much cheaper and faster when developing.


The best way to market your services is through referrals. You can develop a business plan with the pet shop owner or the pet groomer in your area and agree on offering a FREE portrait of the pet taken whenever they spend more average at their store.  Yes, it is FREE for the customer, but imagine the numerous other pet lovers he will recommend you to? You can also take a few extra photographs and offer it to him at a discounted price. Of course the next time he wants the photographs taken, it will be at cost!

You can also send out flyers and advertise through email contacts. But the best way to market your services in through other pet related services. Do not stop at partnering with only one pet shop or grooming centre, but contact others and make your business grow!

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