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An ideal career for an animal lover: Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is becoming increasingly popular among local citizens. Owners love to keep their pets well groomed and pampered but with their demanding jobs they hardly have time even to give the dog a bath! This is why the demand for pet groomers has been growing constantly.

If you are an animal lover and enjoy taking care of them this can be a great business opportunity where you can earn some extra income working from home!

The things you need to get started
Ideally you would need to allocate a small room where you can do all the grooming. You can even convert your garage into a grooming room during the day! You must have a tub where you will be able to bathe the dog, a table, a few cages and other equipment such as clippers etc.

The best way to start is stick to an animal you are used to taking care of. If it’s dogs, then specialize in that area. It will be a great help if you have a certificate as a pet trainer, but even if you do not have paper qualifications, it is the training and experience that counts. In order to use specific equipment such as clippers you need to be trained.

The charges
The best way is to come up with a fixed rate per hour. If the dog’s grooming is time consuming, then you must charge more. However before you fix an hourly rate do some research with other pet groomers and find out their prices. You can then price yours accordingly.

It usually takes 1 hour to groom a dog and the average price per pet ranges from US$ 30 – US$ 50. However this rate may change with the size of the dog and its breed.

Start by introducing your services to your friends, colleagues, family and neighbours. This kind of pet grooming service is highly appreciated and in no time you will have more customers than you can handle.

When the time is right and you think you need assistance hire some trainees who can work under you and help you in the procees!

Because you are you own boss, you can choose the number of dogs to be groomed per day. The job offers much flexibility so that you can most of your time with your children.

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