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Bring a Smile to a Child’s Face - operate a Face Painting Business at Home!

Do you love bringing a smile to a child’s face? This is an excellent opportunity for stay-at-homes moms to earn some extra income. Face painting is becoming very popular among kids and most of them invite a face painter over for home and school parties.

Not only will you earn some extra income but the pleasure you get seeing the enthusiasm in the kids – that is priceless!

What do you need to get started?
There’s no need for exceptional drawing skills or artistic talent, after all you are painting on little kids! All you need is are some face paints, a paint brush and be as creative as a child!

All the basic tools you need can be purchased as a painting kit for less than US$ 100, and it can be easily recovered.

Marketing and finding clients
This isn’t going to be hard at all. Start at your own kids’ birthday party! It will leave many positive comments and loads of giggles! Inform the parents about your new business and they will start inviting you over to paint at their sons’ birthday party as well!

You can also introduce your service at fundraises where the kids with painted faces will get a lot of attention. Talk to the one’s in-charge and pin down a flyer about your business on the schools notice board. Soon you will have enough and more clients at your doorstep.

How to charge for your services
Check with the competition. Call up other face painters in your area and find out their prices. You can charge a per face rate or if you’re visiting parties you can charge a flat rate, provided you are aware of the number of children going to be there!

Be different!
Don’t only limit yourself to parties, fundraisers and carnivals, but also go out of your way and focus more on promotion during Halloween and Christmas!

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