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A Home Based Business Opportunity that even your Kids would Love!

Starting up a daycare business in your home is the best way to earn some extra income while spending all your time with your kids.

If you decided to stay at home so that you can take care of your children and never miss a moment of them growing up and in the meantime wouldn’t mind making some extra income, then learn how to become a proud owner a home based daycare business.

The Competition… Do you stand a Chance?
Of course there is a increasing demand for daycare centers and at the same time competition is already out there. But how many parents do you know who are uncomfortable on allowing some outsider looking after their child? Yes there’s quite a number! That may be the reason why you decided to stay home in the first place. Even you had a hard time trusting a stranger to look after your children.
You can take this as your competitive edge and approach your friends who have children that need to be taken care of during the day. Your friends will be more than happy to keep their children with someone they already know than trusting them with a stranger.

The requirements of a daycare centre
Usually you can look up to a maximum of 5 children without the need for a license. A fire distinguisher is also required. But this varies from area to area and it is best that you contact your state and local government regulatory agencies for the prerequisites. Many states require day care centers to provide a minimum area per child.

It is advised to start small. Taking care of 5 children alone will help you earn a substantial income. You can then grow with your profits. Once you reach 20 children you may consider hiring a licensed teach and even a nurse!

Targeting customers
Start with your friends, your family and your neighbors. If you are living near a school you may want to consider putting up a flyer on the school notice board where it’s visible to parents. This will be extremely convenient for the parents who would be glad to send their child to a daycare after school and keep them there until they finish work.

It is an exciting business opportunity if you love to take care of children, and what’s more, your kids would love to make new friends and play with them!


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