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Tips to Start Your Own Embossed Notecards Business

This is the perfect business opportunity for all those stay-at-home moms wanting to earn some extra income. You don’t have to paint on the cards, no need for little decorations and there’s’ no need for printing either!

Things you need to get started
All you need are some rubber stamps, notecards and matching envelops! You do not need to spend too much time thinking about your next design, because it’s already on the rubber stamp! All you need to do is keep stamping them on each notecard!

These cards sell well during the holiday season and special occasions. You can bundle them up in packs and sell them as one product. For example, bundle 6 of the same color notecards with different designs or 6 of the same designs but of different color.

Marketing and Selling
Give a few cards to your friends and family during holidays, birthdays and special occasions. It is a great marketing technique and is successful when your card is being admired by everyone seeing it. You can also give some cards away as presents to who you see as potential clients. Give a few away at craft parties. In order to sell, you will first have to make them aware of your product.

You can also visit craft shows and sell your cards during sales. Make sure you have a catalog of your creations if someone happens to ask. Check for stores in your area that sell handcrafted cards and send then a sample of your work along with a catalog. These contacts can be easily obtained through the yellow pages.

Pricing you Notecards
First check with your competitors and make a list of the prices they charge. It is best that you bring your price lower than your competitors, initially of course. Once you make a name for yourself, you can then increase the prices.

It’s an interesting opportunity, will help you earn some extra cash while waiting at home and it’s not too expensive to start!

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