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Get Paid to Shop! Become a Professional Mystery Shopper!

The word ‘Mystery Shopping’ is quite common these days as many companies employ mystery shoppers to evaluate the service level of their companies as well as consumer satisfaction.

This is an ideal business opportunity for stay-at-home moms who have a few hours to spare. You can do your ‘mystery shopping’ even when your kids go to school and be at home when they come back. The job has very flexible working hours and allows you to earn a substantial income while staying at home with your kids.

Things you need to become a Mystery Shopper
You should be outgoing, attentive to details, have excellent communication skills, writing skills and be an active people person. As a mystery shopper you will be given assignments to shop at your client’s departmental store, dine in at a restaurant or even open a bank account!

All these require communication with people and usually you will have to update your client on areas if interest in a report at the end of the day. So report writing skills are a plus!

Getting business
There are some websites that require you to register with them and when they find a suitable assignment in your area you will be assigned to it. You can start by visiting Mystery Shopping Providers Association’s website below and search for jobs in your area.
You can also visit websites that are members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association such as

However there are many websites requesting you to register with them and also charge you a joining fee. This is not necessary and can sometimes prove to be scams.

You can also help yourself by contacting potential customer in your area directly. First try through personal contacts and accept assignments from supermarkets, departmental stores, banks, restaurants and hotels in your area. Do not expect to be paid a lot during the first assignments because you need the valuable experience which you can use later on to market your services to bigger clients!

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