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Mattress Cleaning is a relatively Untapped Business
Area in the United States

Do you know that there are an estimated two million mites in the average mattress, responsible for various breathing complaints and allergies? Well it’s true!

Now doesn’t this explain symptoms such as the wheeze and asthma even within our close group of friends? This market is relatively untapped but the demand keeps on increasing. Who wouldn’t want their mattresses cleaned if only they knew it’s one of the reasons behind the coughs and sneezes that disturb their sleep at night? Well, it’s not the easiest business to operate, but the returns aren’t normal as well!

What do you need to get started?
First you need to purchase some mattress cleaning equipment. It’s not expensive to start a mattress cleaning businesses, as most people wrongly assume. If you have already made plans on purchasing a powerful vacuum cleaner to get rid mites in your mattresses at home, you can also help others in your area by cleaning their mattresses while enjoying a good income!

The returns?
On average it takes about 40 minutes to clean a double mattress and costs from US $ 100 depending on the size and location.

Would franchises work?
You may consider purchasing a franchise or license from mattress cleaning companies who want to set up deals. There are only a few such companies in the United States and most of them are finding dealers. You may want to visit some of their websites where business opportunity awaits you,

The advantages of franchises are that they provide equipment, training, support and marketing tools to help kick start your business. Of course each company has its own cost which starts from about $3,000 per system.

The great thing about mattress cleaning is that you can start to profit quite quickly. You can place an ad on your local newspaper or distribute flyers among your family and friends. The word will soon spread and it won’t be long before you have a lengthy list of regular clients!

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