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Lunch Delivery Service: An ideal business opportunity for staying-at-home moms!

If you are a stay-at-home mom, have just a few hours a day to spare and would love to enjoy a steady income from home, then you should consider branching into lunch delivery service.

It is the ideal business for staying-at-home moms because you can prepare the lunch while your kids are at school and deliver them just before they finish class!

It would definitely be advantageous if you are living in a busy city close to many offices and apartments. 90% of working people purchase lunch from outside. What you can do to step into this demand is by start taking lunch into the offices itself, without letting the employees step out!

Getting started…

You need not be a great chef! People working in a busy environment do not have time for a 7 course meal! The best way to start is with sandwiches. Fill up freshly backed slices of bread with a few vegetables and meat and prepare a healthy meal. You can bundle up 6 sandwiches and sell them together for either breakfast or lunch!

When you are sure there is a demand for your food, you can then try out various other snacks as well!

Where do you find your customers?

If you are living near offices and apartments this is not a difficult task for you. Print out a flyer mentioning some of the meals available and their prices. Next, go through the yellow pages and circle out the offices in close proximity to your home. Then fax your flyer to these offices and inform them that you will be visiting their employees during lunch time with the food.

Many businesses will be happy about your service which results in employees spending less time outside. This also increases their efficiency and productivity at office.

Do you need a license or insurance?

Having a license will depend on the area where you are living. Usually you are supposed to have a separate kitchen and bathroom area in your house to conduct such a business. Make sure you check with your food and health department in your area for the exact details.

It is always recommended that you get yourself a general liability insurance. This is only to protect yourself if anyone is to fall sick after eating your food. The insurance premium is not that high.

After all having a license and insurance policy will definitely add to your professionalism and put you ahead of competition!

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