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Starting a Business that Locates and Reunites Families and
Loved Ones

If you have the experience in trying to locate your own birth parents or siblings then why not help others just like you who desperately need your help and advice?

There are many people out there today who need information on locating people who they have lost contact with. Imagine the number of children given to welfare centers and foster homes. When they become 21 they have the right to know who the birth parents are and most of them go the extra mile to find them.

But unfortunately many of these people don’t have the time or the patience to follow through leads to get to their loved ones. This is where the demand for locating agencies and information specialists comes for.

Getting started…
If you have what it takes to get whatever information the client needs a long as it can be done legally and to search in records, interview people, observe and document things and activities and excellent people skills then you may be on the line to start your own locating business!

It will definitely help if you have contacts in welfare agencies, hospitals and other social service centers in the area. However these contacts will develop in time and with experience.

The best way is by reference. Your clients are the best marketing tools you have! Once you become successful in delivering your client the information he/she needs, it won’t be long before they recommend you to their friends and family!

Most of the people who want to locate their birth parents, missing siblings and other loved ones are usually willing to pay the price for it. Contact private investigators in your area and find out the price they charge. As a start up it’s wise you charge lower than the competitors until you have established a name for yourself.

This is an ideal business to start up in your own home with flexible hours. All that’s required are good communication, reasoning and people skills. And what better way to end the day having knowing that you are helping people to reunite with the ones they care for?

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