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How to unleash your Creativity and start your own Interior Decorating Business

For creative mom’s who enjoy decorating a lovely home, this may be the ideal business opportunity for you!

Not everyone is blessed with the gift of creativity and the passion for interior décor. There are only a few who have the ability to make changes in homes to create a better living space. If you think you are one of them, don’t let your talent slip through, instead nurture your skills by starting up an interior decorating business!

What you need to become an interior decorator?
If you have received numerous comments on the way you have decorated your own home and helped countless friends to face lift their houses, then that’s all the confidence and experience you need to be an interior decorator.

You need to have a “good eye” for design. You must train your eye to look at all possibilities and choose the best. This is best done with practice. And where better place to practice than your own home!

Finding your clients
This is fairly simple… As an interior decorator, the best form of advertising is word-of-mouth. So you need not spend much money advertising your services. You can start by encouraging your family and friends to re-decorate their houses and offer your services. If you have already decorated their houses (as favors) then it makes it so much easier! If they love your work they will certainly introduce you to their friends and colleagues as well.

Your ideal clients would be home builders, new home buyers, wealthy home owners, professional couples, advertising agencies, art galleries, boutique stores, corporate head offices, hotels, law firms and restaurants / cafes. You can even send direct mailers to these potential clients or even post a notice in your local community or club house.

The returns and rewards?
Being your own boss means you call the cards. And working at home means there’s no limitations for your income. The harder you work, the higher the returns.

People who hire an interior decorator are usually wealthy house owners or profitable business establishments. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated an average yearly income of $48,000 for interior designers in 2006!

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