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Accident and Legal Photography – A Highly Rewarding, yet Little Known Business Opportunity to Many!

If you are great partners with your camera and can enjoy some extra income, then you just might consider starting an accident and legal photography business!
Have you ever realized how important photographs of the scene can be to the victims of accidents and to their families? Your services as a legal photographer are needed mainly by 2 important segments:

  1. Personal Injury Attorneys
  2. Insurance Companies

There is only one thing you need as a capital for this business, and that’s your camera! And of course make sure you carry it with you at ALL times!

How do you become an accident and legal photographer?
If you are considering this as a part time job, then you can simply take shots of accidents when they happen in your neighborhood, on your way to work and simply while you are travelling around on your daily chores.

But if you are considering this as a full time job with a steady income, then the best way to start would be to invest in a police scanner. As soon as you hear of an accident you can proceed to the scene and take the shots.

Finding your clients and selling them your photographs
Now you have your “products”, and all you need to do is locate the victims and their families.
You can make them find you by handing over your business card to the police and the victims at the accident scene. Your card should state that photographs of the scene have been taken by a professional with your contact details highlighted. Ideally the police or the victim’s representatives will get back to you, but sometimes they don’t. The most common reason being your card would have been misplaced by the victim because it was given at a quite difficult time.

Instead you can get a copy of the accident reports from the Police, Sheriff or Highway Patrol Agencies. (This may cost you a nominal fee, but it’s surely going to be worth it!) Include one of the photographs and mail it to the victims encouraging them to forward your name and contact information to their legal representative or insurance company.

Once you build a good deal of referrals you can start direct mailing insurance companies and lawyers. This business can be extremely rewarding especially if you’re living in the metropolis. This will ensure you a full time job, and sometimes even overtime!

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