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Fun Mail for Kids!

What an exciting opportunity to earn some extra cash to help you with your day to day expenses! Remember when you were only a child and were delighted to get a postcard or a letter from the postman? Take your children for example, how many letters have they written to Santa Clause and or make believe friend?

You may be wondering how the answer to this question can make you money, well its simple… Are there any businesses out there that replies to these letters? Surprisingly not many! And even if there is, well you have probably not heard of it, nor has anyone of your friends. This is an ideal business opportunity where you only have to spend a few hours a day replying to the letters and posting them back.

How do you get started?
Start with your friends and colleagues who have little children. Introduce them to your idea and make them aware of the importance of proper communication with children and how a child’s natural talent and creativity is nurtured through letter writing. For example, wouldn’t your little girl be thrilled when she writes to her make believe friend about the art completion she won and receives a “Well Done” card in return?

You can also print out flyers and post them on the notice boards of schools where it’s visible to parents. Try sending out direct mailers to a list on contacts you can obtain from a daycare centre in your area. It won’t be long before the word spreads and you will be handling too many letters that you may even consider hiring an assistant!

How do you price your fun mails? It is best that you design a subscription package and charge a monthly subscription fee. Packages may vary from normal mails to greeting cards. You might even want to add a little color by offering flowers or little gifts for special accomplishments children will write to you about!

There is no stop to creativity. This is an ideal business that will give you both personal satisfaction as well as a healthy income. You can also choose your hours and work around your family!

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