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A great business opportunity for mom’s having only 30 minutes to spare a day!

Are you a stay at home mom wanting to earn an extra income but still has very little time to spare? Maybe 30 minutes a day? Then here’s an ideal business opportunity for you!

Well, if you are wondering what anyone can do in just minutes a day and also earn a decent income, its simple! All you need is a little notebook, a pen and lots of confidence in yourself!

Have you ever wondered who is behind the verses and witty writings on the greeting cards you purchase? Yes, some do have a team of writers in-house, but many companies outsource this task to freelancers. It is an ideal opportunity for a stay-at-home mom like you to earn some extra cash without spending much time away from your children.

It is a lucrative business because you know you will never run out of assignments or work. Everyone purchases greeting cards, on average ONE every MONTH! This is why greeting card companies are flourishing and as a freelancer you will too!

What’s the best writing method to be used?
Most greeting cards today do not have long conventional verses or poems or sonnets that rhyme. Many buyers prefer a short list of words that are understandable. So anyone has the potential of being a successful greeting card writer! It also pays off to be creative and witty. But this comes through experience!

How do you sell your greeting card writing services?
The best way is to contact greeting card companies and send them a few of your samples. For the moment do not approach big companies such as Hallmark or American Greetings. Stick to the small companies in your area. You can always go through the yellow pages and list down the companies in your area. Contact them and send out some of your best samples.

Your average earnings?
As a start up you will not be paid much for assignments from the smaller companies. But within a few weeks of exposure in the industry you can earn from $ 25 -$ 200 dollars per verse!

This business is soon becoming popular. However many freelance writers are focusing on articles for magazines and newspapers. This leaves very little competition and increases your chance of succeeding!

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