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The Flea Market is Multibillion Dollar Business in the United States!

If you are considering joining the flea market business, well then, this is the ideal opportunity because right now the flea industry is booming! What’s good about the customers in this market is they have already made a predetermined decision to buy. Now all you have to do is, make them buy from YOU!
Being successful in this industry isn’t much of a challenge if you know the basic flea market rules!

Acquiring Items for the Sale

Rule # 1: Do not spend unnecessarily!
Rule # 2:  Start with family and friends!

Always start acquiring items from your family and friends. Usually everyone has heaps of items they want to give away. And if it’s your family, they will even consider giving it away for free! Only once you have acquired such free merchandise, you can then proceed to visiting garage sales, yard sales and even local auctions.

Selecting your Flea Market
Rule #1: Do not select the market with the most traffic, but go for the market with the most customers you are targeting!

You can start with some research on the flea markets in your area and understand the best flea market where your collectables can fit into. You wouldn’t want to start marketing a refrigerator to an Eskimo now do you?

Study each market thoroughly including the products that are marketed and the types of customers that come in. In order to select the best flea market that suites you try talking to the existing vendors and their thoughts about the market.

Identifying the Hot Spot in the Market
Rule # 1: Set your Booth up at the HOT SPOT!
Once you have selected the flea market you wish to operate in, you have to further analyze the areas where traffic is the most! This is the best place to set up your booth. Select the most highly visible area with lots of passing traffic!

Start Flea Market Vending!
Rule # 1: Obtain a vendor license and a sales tax identification number!
This is quite a simple process but varies according to the location and the items you are selling. Speak to your flea market manager and once obtained, you are ready to sell!

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