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Hi, I am a busy mom just like all of you, and this is my story of how my home business was born!

My name is Jill, currently I have four children, two girls and two boys, ranging in ages 12 years down to 11 months old. For the past two years I have been happily married to a wonderful and supportive husband. And of course I run a home based business. What Kind of business? Glad you asked! I am an Event and Party Planner. We specialize in themed children's parties and events, but also plan a large variety of other occasions for adults too!

Just to backup a bit....Not too long ago (14 years to be exact) I got married expecting to spend the rest of my life with my husband (now Ex husband), well seven years, an abusive-alcoholic husband, and three children later (this is the short version), things obviously did not work out so I took a deep breath and decided that I wanted a better life for me and my children and so I moved on. With an Ex who did not think he had to pay child support and having to sell my house to pay attorney fees, I was forced to go back to work in the corporate world. This was rough not only on me but also to my children who were use to having me around all the time. I had always thought of ways to work from home even when I was still married to Him. Oh I tried direct sales like Avon and Tupperware just to name a few, I even tried to start my own business from scratch but it did not last long. I found out that if you don't have a supportive partner at home it is not that easy to run a business. So I went back to work full time doing what I knew, Banking. I worked forty five to fifty five hours, five to six days a week for about two years. It was at this point my life takes a turn...

While I had a good job and was able to support myself and my children something was missing in my life, that was when I met my husband. People do not believe in Fate, but I do. We hit it off and were married two years later. I was still working full time, and we had just bought the house of our dreams (the one we will grow old in together), when we found out we were expecting our daughter. Work was getting very stressful now and you know how kids react to stress. We saw this as a sign for me to leave "Corporate America" and fulfill my Dream of running my own business from home. Did I mention my husband has a culinary degree? Fate, could be. With my husbands support I started the business a couple of months before our daughter was born, I have been in business now for about one and half years and it is great! No more sitter solutions needed for snow days or sick days. No more daycare dilemmas or cranky children. Yes, Mommy can volunteer at school now or go on class trips. And with the support and love of my husband I know I can do this!

Do not get me wrong running a business from home is a thousand times better than working for someone else, but remember kids will be kids and you can't do it all. You may need an occasional sitter or creatively keep them quiet and busy while you answer the phone. As for the "nuts and bolts" of the running a business this is what I have done, try them if you like it can not hurt. I designed and printed business cards and flyers on the computer and handed them out to everyone(you never know who might be a potential client). My business is mostly word of mouth, but my kids love it because they know what I do and that means they get to have a "special" birthday each year, which is in it's self is FREE advertising, because they invite their whole class and hey kids talk, what one has the other one wants. I also advertise in our school paper and donate to Chinese Auctions. The more people see your business name the more reputable you become. Also I did a lot of reading. Make the Librarian your best friend, use the Internet you have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Good luck to you in your quest to work at home!

Event & Party Planning

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