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Christian Greeting Cards

Christian Greeting Cards, Custom Wedding Invitations & Custom Birth Announcements

By Tawanda Starms

My name is Tawanda Starms and I started Heaven Sent Greetings for several reasons. One was to have a successful business of my own, which would of course allow me the flexibility to set my own hours. The second reason I started was because of my two little girls. So after the birth of my second daughter I knew I had to do something before my maternity leave ran out to prove that I would be able to stay at home and make my business work. Needless to say I tried many different businesses based on my talents and prior work experience. Although I was a good administrative assistant at work, I realized that this type of business was not my passion. I figured this out because when I started it, I didn't put much effort in finding new clients nor did I have any interest in really finding them.

Heaven Sent Greetings was birthed by my mother who was staying with me while I was on bed rest with my daughter. I have always been a greeting card junkie. Every holiday, birthday, anniversary, you name it I was at Hallmark racking up points on my Gold Crown Card. Then one day I made thank you cards for the people who attended my baby shower. After seeing them, my mom asked me to make some cards to send to her friends back home. She was so impressed with them that she asked me to make her an assortment of cards and she would pay me for it. I was so skeptical about this at first that I almost let this opportunity pass me by. I ended up not making the cards for my mom before she left to go back home. Then one day searching the net I ran across a profile where a woman had started her own greeting card business. This got me to really thinking that this was a viable opportunity. Having always had a love for greeting cards and a well-written verse, I embarked upon what I believe God called me to do. The cards that I develop inspire and minister to the people that purchase them and the people that they send them to. In one of the books that I am reading on spiritual strengthening and personal growth, it says that you must be able to serve without concern for money. That if you do what you love because you love it, money will follow. So as time evolved my motives did as well. I added a new mission and new products to my business. My goal with Heaven Sent Greetings is to be able to touch the heart and soul of another. A greeting card says so much more than the words it contains. It touches you deep within your soul and let's you know you are not alone. How fitting that the message in my cards be Heaven Sent because when you have Christ you are never alone. I feel good about being able to touch someone in ways I never knew were possible.

The response to my cards has been overwhelming. My first customer was of course my mother, who turned out to ultimately be my best salesperson. Within three-weeks I had sold over 250 cards and orders are still coming in. I continue to think of different ways to market my products. I have found that all I have to do is open my mouth and people become interested. Tell everyone you know what business you have gone into. Some people will want to know more just to be nosy, but others will want to know out of genuine interest. Don't let the nay Sayers dampen your spirits. Keep the faith - - especially in yourself. I am looking to attend a bridal show and connect with others in the wedding industry to possibly co-op services to the brides to be. I carry business cards with me wherever I go, and because I have a new baby I always find that people comment on someone they know that is expecting - - which works great for me. I also believe strongly in charity, that you must give to get. Therefore, I am in the process of giving my cards to churches, so they may give them to their congregation. I also offer cards and gift certificates to those having raffles at churches and other parties. I have found this to be the freest form of advertisement.

Working at home with small children is hard work, but it is very rewarding. I love that I have the option to stop working to go check on my children. There is not much free time during the day with a 10 week old and a 6 year old who is out of school every three months for an entire month (thanks to year round schools). However, I find the time to do what needs to be done. Whether it is during naptime or before bedtime when everyone else is asleep I try to do a little a day. I don't stress if I don't make a sell or get a tremendous amount of work done it is the little successes that count. I trust that the Lord will provide everything I need. He always has. As long as I do one thing for my business a day, which could be as small as making a phone call, I have learned to celebrate and make that an accomplishment.

Remember to keep the faith.

Tawanda Starms

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