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Bookkeeping Services

If you possess simple bookkeeping skills, and would prefer a ‘home career’ over a regular day job, consider starting your very own bookkeeping service. It can provide you with a substantial income while giving you the freedom of working at your own pace, around your own time lines, from the comfort of your home!

Getting Started

Tips that would be helpful for carryout a professional home business in bookkeeping services:

  1. Create a business name for your enterprise and register it and get a business license
  2. Join the local Chamber of Commerce and other such organizations to keep abreast with current rules and regulations, especially in tax law changes
  3. Design a business plan for yourself, setting up goals and targets
  4. Create brochures, business cards and other marketing material for promoting the enterprise to your potential clients
  5. If you are tech savvy, you can also opt to have a website for selling your services online
  6. Check the local newspaper regularly for advertisements requesting for part-time bookkeepers and have ready a resume furnished for submitting in reply to such adverts

How it works

Usually, a home bookkeepers client drops off their receipts, sales slips and other day to day account related manuscripts for documenting in a ledger or computer data bank. But in some instances the bookkeeper may offer to collect these records on a daily or weekly basis for an extra charge. The bookkeeper then organizes this data and provides the client with monthly statements and other necessary information for his yearly taxes, audits etc. 

Professionalism required

Not all enterprises will opt to outsource their accounts to MBA qualified bookkeeping agencies. Many small businesses only require someone to keep track of their daily operations and provide them with the necessary paperwork for the relevant authorities. And most such enterprises cannot afford to hire the services of higher level professionals. So, you don’t have to be professionally qualified to take up this home business. A meticulous personality, attention to detail and good mathematical skills should easily do the trick!!

Equipment needed

Although it is quite possible to start a bookkeeping service with hand kept records, especially if you are dealing with small enterprises having simple, uncomplicated accounts, a really profitable operation will eventually require a computer. So it would be advisable to invest on one at some point. And this gives you the advantage of using accounting software that would make your job so much easier and interesting!

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