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Gift Basket Business Start Up

Are you wondering about a home business that can be started on a shoe string budget? Been exploring various ideas in your head? Ever thought of venturing on a ‘Gift Basket’ making enterprise? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Well, here is some news… It’s actually a huge industry out there. And it keeps getting by the day, mainly due to the heavy growth in home based industries, with many independent enterprises catering to the corporate market. Besides, in recent years, the ‘Gift Giving’ art has turned into a more refined concept that in turn has given rise to a very competitive market out there.

So here is your chance to make it big in the home business industry. Start a Gift Basket Making and Delivering Service. It’s a great stay at home job with huge profit potential.

A little bit of creativity can take you a long way …

Prospective Market

Your clientele can be just about anybody who wants to give a gift. That accounts for a huge market range. And it’s always good to have a wider choice. But sometimes it might be wise to concentrate on certain niche markets, especially if the requirements are varied for different sectors. For example, if you cater to the corporate market, your gift basket requirements are more likely to hold professional appeal such as hampers, liquor baskets, etc. with wrapping and decorations that suite the corporate world.  

But if you cater to a more personalized market such as parents, teenagers and young adults, then you can use more cheerful, elaborate and colorful designs with various themes with lots of extra décor and funky additionals. This sector may require a bit more creativity and artistic ability, although the corporate sector will too require ‘unique’ ideas which in turn will require extra creativity.

Start-up Costs

It’s a business you can run from home, so initial investments are quite minimal as you needn’t worry about building rentals. But you do need to consider other factors, like choosing a separate (if possible), less disturbed area in your home for running the business. Remember to account for the extra overheads such as higher electricity bills, office equipment etc. Other investments will include start up material, such as decorating gear, baskets, and of course the gifts. You can either have a generous stock with you or purchase your goods as per order. The decision can be based on your start-up budget, workspace available and of course the market potential. It is always economical to purchase goods wholesale, but sometimes it may not be all that feasible. So chose the best deal that suites your plate.

Always remember to keep your paperwork in place; keep organized records of almost everything, from accounts deliveries, to handling of individual orders. If you hire extra help remember to keep track of employee records and systematize them in a professional manner. Always strive to run your business in a methodical, meticulous manner to avoid unwanted complications.


This is the most important aspect of your business. The success behind every home business relies on ‘popularity’. So it doesn’t harm to allocate extra from your finances for this purpose. Yet you can easily handle this aspect yourself, on a minimal budget, without having to hire professionals to take care of it for you. Just use that ‘creative’ streak of yours that does wonders with your gift baskets, and you will have a killer advertising strategy worked out in no time.

So go ahead, start today, and become a successful owner of a gift basket delivery business tomorrow!!!

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