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A Home Business with Balloons

Did you ever think that ‘balloons’, those colorful, light weight, simple but wonderful toys you used to love playing with as a kid, can actually be turned into a neat little money making business that can be operated from the comfort of your home?

Well, guess what!!! The potential of turning ‘balloon arts’ into a home business is very high out there in today’s society. You can easily develop an excellent home business using this new strategy.

What does it take to start this marvelous home business?

A touch of creativity and a sense of fun can take you a long way in this industry. Give it your heart and soul and you can achieve great heights as a home based entrepreneur. It is important to have the right attitude when you venture out on such home businesses. More likely than not you are bound to have a slow start, mostly due to lack of recognition at the initial stages. Be prepared for this. Don’t expect a miracle in a day. A business has to develop over time into a profitable enterprise. Be prepared for the initial ‘low income’ stage, where you actually put in more revenue than gain. That’s always the case in almost any business, be it a small time home business or a large scale operation. If you prepare yourself for this, then you can avoid disappointment and heartache.

Potentials balloon related ventures…

So now the question would be, what sort of a business can I do with balloons? Well, surprise, you have several (not just one) fields of businesses you can venture at using balloons as the center point. What are they? Lets take a look…

1. Hot Air Balloons for Marketing

This is a great marketing strategy that holds a lot of potential in today’s world. As people try to come up with different advertising strategies, anybody would consider this option as a fine method. Why? Simple… Because people can never fail to notice hot air balloons. They always catch the eye, whether you are driving or walking by. So add your marketing slogan to these hot air balloons, and you get wonderful publicity for your products. Sell this idea to businesses looking out for new advertising methods, and you have a neat little home business in your hands!

You can also build up a market supplying for advertising agencies. They give you the advertising material, and you provide it in a balloon. Your job is to do the printing and personalizing of the balloons to meet their needs. What a wonderful arrangement!! A definite profit making business indeed.

2. Balloon Bouquet Service

This is another wonderful venture to start up on using balloons. Design and deliver balloon arrangements for all sorts of occasions from birthday parties to weddings, from theme parties to celebrations of commemorative days… The market potential is huge in this industry. Promote your balloon bouquets as a new gift giving idea (probably to replace typical, boring flower baskets?) and you will have a regular, day to day clientele. You can even tie gifts to your balloon bunch, like stuffed animals, candy, cookies or even wine and jewelry. An extra touch that will win any gift-givers heart!!!

3. Balloon Decorations Services for Parties

A business in balloons that provide a ‘full package’ decoration solution for any occasion, from birthday parties to wedding celebrations, from corporate functions to charity gatherings. The occasions that require decorations are numerous. And people always like variety, something different from the conventional floral arrangements. This gives opportunity for you, to start a unique party decorating service exclusively using balloons. Come up with special themes that will hold the interest of any client. Provide a variety of choices, from dreamy, fairytale surroundings to whacky, crazy, whimsical settings. Remember, anything different will always catch the eye!

How to equip yourself for the business

Ok, now you know the market potential in this industry. Next, let’s take a look at what gear you need to invest in. Rest assured, this business does not require any high tech state of the art equipment. A decent supply of helium tanks, a hot glue gun and a few air pumps would be the largest investment you will have to make. Other requirements all include low investment decorative material such as ribbons, streamers, decorative ornaments, banners, signs, confetti, and of course the most important ingredient, the balloons. You need as much variety of balloons as you can find… The bigger the variety, the better!! Choose from colorful, whacky designs to serene, classy ones… You never know what themes you might have to come up with. And it’s always good to have a varied collection at your disposal.

Try to have a separate work area for your balloon designs. You will need a rather large area for all those balloons though. You can use your garage or even a part of your living room for this purpose if it’s not possible to have a separate workstation at home. But remember to organize yourself, so that it doesn’t get in the way of your day to day personal life, and especially make sure it doesn’t become an annoyance for the rest of your family members.

Marketing your business is important too!

First identify your target market and device a marketing strategy based on this for your new business. Word of mouth is always good, and great on the budget, but sometimes you might need to invest a bit on this segment of your business in order to stay abreast with the rest of the competition out there. That doesn’t mean you have to make huge investments, like hire an advertising agency etc. You can come up with a simple, creative advertising campaign yourself and get the help of your friends and family to follow it through. For example, you can leave a few business cards at on-job locations, always with the permission of your clients, and as discreetly as possible. Also try giving out attractive flyers and business cards at every chance you get, most likely at public places like the supermarket, mall, library, restaurants etc. You can even get permission at such locations to demonstrate your balloon decorations, especially at supermarkets and restaurants. Try offering free balloon baskets to be placed at restaurant lobbies as long as they allow your business to be advertised and make them give out flyers to interested customers. There are so many other low cost advertising methods you can come up with. Jus remember, your imagination is your limit!!

Start this wonderful home business and reap the rewards of a successful at home business… Take up balloons as a home career!!!

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