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How to Become a Successful Freelancer

Are you a talented artist? Do people always tell you to make better use of your wonderful talent, the gift of art that you have never taken serious enough to develop into a career and always thought of only as a hobby? Well think again… Because ‘Freelance Artists’ are very much in demand out there… And you can earn a decent income taking up this home business!!!

Freelancing is, I would say slightly deviated from the traditional ‘home business’ paradigm, but the rewards are never the less same or even better in this wonderful, ‘I’m my own boss’ career that will provide you with a decent, regular income to run your household on a day to day basis.

Listed below are a few points to consider that will be helpful in becoming a successful ‘freelancer’.

1. Create your Portfolio

It’s important to have a ‘portfolio’ of your artwork to be produced to your customers for them to get an idea of your ‘style’ and what sort of job to expect when they hire your services. Give emphasis to areas you are best endowed in, using eye catching creations that will highlight your talents.

2. Selecting your clientele & Marketing

Once you have your portfolio done, you are ready for business…. Almost… Now you need your clients. People need to be aware of you, your talents and what you have in store for them. For this you need a good advertising strategy!

Your advertising campaign can begin by approaching potential clients with a ‘package’ that includes lots of perks like free trials and / or reduced costs on initial projects. You can also advertise your services in the local newspaper, put up notices in community notice boards, and distribute flyers at the local supermarket, walkway or grocery store. If you believe you can hit it big online, it won’t hurt to create a website for yourself too.

3. Draw up a contract

Once a client decides to hire you, the next step is to negotiate the deal. This takes careful planning and interacting. It’s advisable to draw up a ‘freelance artwork contract’ with each client that includes all important details such as the type of work, extent of the work, the delivery date, total cost, payment methods and other essential information. Even if this contract isn’t drawn up at a legal level, make sure it’s maintained at a professional level, to maintain good standards.

4. Deliver on time

Make it a point to stick to your deadlines. The first point of losing clients is breaking their confidence. If you deliver on time as promised, these clients are likely to hire you again in the future. Always take up jobs that are feasible, know your limits and don’t go beyond them.

If you pay emphasis to the above facts and start your new ‘home business’ on freelance art with enthusiasm, motivation and approach it with a down to earth manner, you are likely to become a successful owner of a neat little enterprise that can be functioned from the comfort of your home!!!

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