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Business Prospects with Beef Snacks

‘Jerky’ is meat that comes in strips trimmed of fat, flavored in a spicy, salty or sweet liquid, that are either dried under low temperatures or salted for sun-drying. The result is a salty, stripped, semi-sweet snack that can be stored without refrigeration. And it’s quite a famous food product in the market today.

So try starting a business in the Jerky industry. Venture on a home business as either a wholesaler or distributor of those ever succulent beef snacks that have won the hearts of a million Americans.


Do a bit of research before you venture out; find out what recipes sell better and what combinations give better profits. Select the best products that suite your business. If you decide to make your own jerky try out various known or acquired recipes and strive for the best taste in town!


Take a professional approach in your deliveries, stick to time lines and use proper, reliable packaging. Make sure you deliver what you promise, organize your orders so there won’t be any mix-ups.


It would be interesting to stick to several varieties, and you can also opt to offer supplementary food items that go with your main products. This will keep a wider range of customer interest at bay.


Remember to follow all rules and regulations imposed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service) if you decide on making your own beef jerky. It’s always safe to have proper clearance for your products before you hit it big.


Use a catchy nametag for your products, using attractive, eye catching packaging that leaves a lasting impression. Spend extra time on devising a name for your business that best suites your products. 


Choose to sell either online or via food stores and other related sales outlets. Or opt to have your own sales outlet based on the market potential. If you prefer to do deliveries, employ your delivery vehicle as an advertising devise, using car decals or attractive banners and posters. Sample baskets at local grocery stores with eye-catching leaflets should do the advertising trick too.

Pave the road to a successful home business in the food trade; take up the ever popular enterprise in the beef snacks industry!

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