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Car Delivery Service

A car delivery service is actually a moving service company which makes arrangements to pick up the vehicle, load it, and deliver it to the final destination upon a customer’s request. A car transport company will come across different types of cars. Let it be an expensive sports car, an antique or even a standard family car, you need to provide the right auto-carrier package designed to fit the needs and the budget of your customer.

Many dominant players in the industry operate at full scale, having their own shares in different market segments of the industry including door-to-door car transport, terminal-to-terminal transport, special car mover, delivery to a specified location, storage, etc... In fact few companies go to the extent of providing customized worldwide transportation solutions to their clients. However, on the other hand there are less dominant players who tend to focus on one or two segments. For instance there are value for money service providers who only cater for the most popular and inexpensive domestic option (i.e. by car carrier which is the same type of trucks used to deliver new car) while differentiated players focus on more specialized packages such as enclosed rail car service, open flat bed truck which are used most of the time for expensive classic and sports cars.

Being in the car delivery business, a company should know what ingredients make the recipe of success. Of course reliability and affordability of a car transport company is often quoted as two of the most important critical success factors. In addition it is the goodwill among the customers as a safe and successful transporter, which will decide the future survival of the company. As a result, companies need to develop a competitive advantage over their rivals to prevent itself from being drowned due to fierce competition.

Let us now discuss some of the things which you need to know as a person who is willing to step in to car delivery business.

First and foremost you need to start your company really small. Do not get excited and extend your hands on to everything at the beginning. Of course, once you establish yourself you can expand in to many segments but before that, keep your business simple. However, later on it is essential that you offer different packages of transport for them to choose from such that you ensure your offerings provide enough flexibility to cater the different needs of the customers.

Transporting cars is always associated with risk of cars being badly banged up, dented, or scratched. As a result these companies find it extremely difficult to build their reputation for reliability. On the other hand unless you establish a proven track record as a reliable player, the customers are not going to come to you. Therefore a professional car transport company, while making every effort to prevent damages, should also inform the customers about such contingencies as soon as possible.

Further, although you cannot totally eliminate the risk of damage, you can certainly mitigate the impact to your customer, by facilitating insurance covers. It is therefore necessary that the transport company insures the cars to cover property damages so that the customer will have less to worry about repair expenses.

On the other hand time is always an essence of a reliable car delivery service. The package should contain a clear and definite schedule from pick up to delivery and you should never forget the customers expect punctuality from your company throughout this schedule. In the case of an unforeseen event, say the service is delayed; the company needs to inform the customer ahead of time to avoid unwanted fussing and worries about the situation. In addition, you may have to arrange a compensation plan in advance for the late deliveries or pick-ups so that you do not disappoint the customer.

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