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Money from used books?

The Internet hasn’t wiped out real books yet! Everywhere you look people are carrying one around. So why not tap into the market with used book sales. An excellent genre is non-fiction – “how to” or used textbooks. Some of your biggest customers will be the homeschool crowd, so plan your textbook sales with the changing of the school year. You can also specialize in used college texts. Used books can be sold on ebay, or at flea markets and garage (book) sales.

Garage sales are also an excellent source for finding good books for resell. You can even purchase lots of books, many times new books, through surplus and liquidation sources. Below are some links to help get your ideas flowing. If you love to read and/or write, books may be a great side business for you.

Free resource – sends you a list of library sales in your area.

Surplus Auctions, books and other items.

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