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Camera Friendly Ideas

Do you love to take pictures? Are you always the one with the camera - never in photos because you were behind the camera? Well you can make money with that!

There are so many business ideas where you can use a love of photography, and there are also some great resources for you to take advantage of. Let’s look at a few…

Buy or find at the library a copy of “The Photographers Market.” You can look it up at Amazon and read all about it.

Join photography communities like

Sell stock photos online through websites like ShutterPoint.

Start your own greeting card, birth announcement or wedding invitation business using your photos.

Start a Candy Wrapping business and use your photos as graphics.

Or Start your own photography business!

You can photograph:


Children in DayCare

Little League Teams

Seasonal photos with characters like the Easter Bunny

Nature and Public Events to sell to magazines

Weddings and other personal events

Here are some Bizymoms resources for photography!

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