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business for women.

A Business for Women

Women Building Success At Home

Are you a professional working woman who DESIRES to get more out of life? Would you like to find a legitimate home based business for women that allows you to work at home with your family by your side? I was a working mom that was looking for a way to be home with my children. When I was first introduced to Women’s Dream Team I decided just to try the products, I was not quite ready to start my OWN business. Once I tried the products and saw the compensation plan I was amazed! I knew this was a great business for women and an opportunity that I did not want miss.

The 23 year old company that I partnered with is a manufacturing company of consumable products that are safer for your family, your home, and the environment. The company is awarded and recognized by the Better Business Bureau, the INC 500 magazine, USA today, and CNN for its consistent growth over the last two decades.

Since I have started this business I have heard from many people that it is different from other business they have tried. They appreciate that we are not are a legitimate business for women and not a MLM deal, or a get rich quick scheme, we are paid based on merit which means we are paid what we are worth. There are many successful people that receive checks every month and receive bonuses as well. I even have customers who occasionally receive a small check for just being a customer. This is very different from most business for women opportunities you will find.

Our team represents a legitimate manufacturing company that has almost 400 consumable products that we never have to sell, keep inventory, or deliver. All we do is direct customers to this company to switch their store and shop for safer alternatives for their home. How amazing is that? Everyone you know is a potential customer and you are paid based on the accounts you set up for your customers. I have never been introduced to another business for women that makes more sense! Just take a look at the benefits of partnering with this company:

No Multi-Level Marketing                                            No Big Investment
No Inventory                                                                  No Overhead
No Order Taking                                                           No Stress
No Deliveries                                                                No Paperwork

The only skill that you need is the ability and desire to help people. There are two major ways you can help people in this business; help them switch stores to buy safer alternatives for their home and help people become successful in building their own business for women.

You do not need a high school diploma or a college degree. All you need is a computer with internet access and a positive attitude is a must.

We are consumer direct marketing. We do not host parties, sell products, manage inventory, take orders, or deliver products. We simply help build the company’s customer base by helping others open their account and shop directly from the company.

The cost to start your business for women is just $29.00.

Take a look at the business tools that we provide you with to get your business for women started:

  • Your Own FREE Website
  • Your Own Personal Mentor
  • FREE Training classes and Live Business Presentations Daily
  • Online Access To Monitor Your Business
  • 1-800 Toll Free and Online Customer Ordering

And Much More….

There are so many incentives when you partner with this company. You can earn up to 20% of your personally enrolled customers and the company has monthly incentives and promotions to earn extra money every month!

There are no monthly quotas, the only requirement is that you switch store and shop from this company. The products include toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap, dish detergent, ect., basically products we use everyday. I love these products and I reorder every month and I am excited to tell everybody I know about this company as well. I get paid for the customers that I refer to the company. This company has a 95% re order rate which is where my residual income comes from.

We are paid based on merit,what we are worth. The pay ranges anywhere from $150 a month to $2 million dollars a year which is what one of our top income earners is currently making after being with the company for about 15 years. You will be paid based on your efforts!

Megan Winot - Director of Marketing