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wholesale home business
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Start a Wholesale Home Business and reach financial freedom!

wholesale home businessBy: Ruby and Joe Mathys

Hi my name is Ruby Mathys, I started my life as a struggling teenaged mom. So after raising my children I decided to go to college to get my degree and move up the corporate ladder. In 2006 my job as a corporate administrator was eliminated, so I decided I was going to take control of my situation and no longer depend on a company that may not even be there tomorrow to provide for me and my family.

While searching the internet, I ran across this Wholesale Home Business opportunity. Not only does it provide the opportunity to take control of my financial situation, but it also provides an opportunity to assist others in reaching their financial Goals. An opportunity to assist others in providing a better life for themselves and their families no matter what background they come from or situation they are facing.

Have you always wanted to start your own business, but found it to be so expensive or time-consuming that it's out of your reach? The information we will provide you with is about how to create financial freedom with a unique Wholesale Home Business solution where you can offer life-changing products along with a compensation plan that pays you up front compensation and offers you residual income.

Can you?

Step 1 Place Advertisement or Recommend a Product?
We will teach you how to place simple pre-written advertisements through a variety of Media; internet (including Google, Yahoo & MSN), direct mail, print media business cards , etc.) no previous experience required anyone can do this.

Step 2- Have brief Conversation
We will teach you how to have a simple conversation with the people whom have responded to your ads from Step 1 utilizing live interactive training and one-on-one coaching.

Step 3- Follow Up
We will teach you how to follow up with the people you invited to get more information to personally rate their level of interest and address any remaining questions they may have. Again, this will be utilizing interactive training and one-on-one coaching and training.

You will earn as you learn while being trained to build your Wholesale Home Business.

Sign-up as an Independent Distributor with the Wholesale Home Business Company ($49.95). The only required purchase. Included is the first month of your personalized Website, which is used to manage your business and process your orders. Then you set goals to fit your personal and financial lifestyle and then Self Improvement 4 Today will sit down with you and set a game plan to accomplish the success you are looking for.

Recommended office set up:
800# for your prospects to contact you-Marketing website- Conference Bridge- Advertising- There are plenty of ways to advertise your Wholesale Home Business including business cards and state of the art internet marketing.

Successful entrepreneurs and top income earners conduct all training in this business. You will be learning from people who have already achieved the success that you are looking for. They will coach you step-by-step in learning exactly how to get immediate results. With an 8 year track record.

The Wholesale Home Business Company provides 13 live training calls each week which are also recorded and available 24/7 on your personalized business website. The company also conducts three National Sales Training Events throughout the world each calendar Year.

Additionally, Self Improvement 4 Today will assist you in your Wholesale Home Business startup and implementation. We will walk you trough the required and recommended steps to get your business up and running quickly. We will also work with you to become proficient at all three steps of the Marketing and Product Sales system.
On top of the amazing compensation plan, you can take advantage of our 3 levels of Bonus opportunities. (More details on my personal website.)
We are currently looking to train ambitious candidates to launch their Wholesale Home Business and see a quick turnaround. The candidates we are looking for should fit the following criteria:

Do you possess excellent communication skills?
Are you self-motivated?
Are you enthusiastic about success?
Are you a quick learner?
Would you choose time with your family and friends over time at the office?

If so, we have the perfect way for you to take the first step toward finding success in the booming Self Improvement/ Education industry.
Our Wholesale Home Business Company utilizes a Hybrid Compensation Plan; This Plan is heavily in favor of you the person who is actually doing the marketing, not the Company.

This is a commission-based platform that pays you profits.

This Wholesale Home Business Company’s Compensation plan is truly powerful and is limited only by your own motivation and capacity to market these phenomenal Self Improvement Products and offer this Business Opportunity. It is up to you to take control of your life and accomplish YOUR Dreams.
Ruby and Joe Mathys
Self Improvement 4 Today
UK: 44 (0)20 8144 3792
AUS: 61 (0)2 8005 6838
Skyoe: rubymathys, joemathys