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The direct sales industry can change your life.

I wasn’t looking for a home business when I came across this industry, over 20+ years ago. That’s when I became a customer. About ten years later I was an over-worked Beverly Hills Financial Analyst who was worn out and staring at a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Not only did I need to re-gain my health, but I wanted a business of my own where I would create both time and money freedom.

It was a great decision – With consistent effort, I was not only able to replace my income in about 2 ½ years, but we’ve been able to assist hundreds of people in reaching their goals and dreams.

The money is good, but the time I spend with my children is priceless. The flexibility of my business allows me to be the craft mom and the cookie mom and the room mom. I am very active at their school—Calvary Christian. We can contribute to more charities and make a difference in more lives because I chose to build a this business

What dreams do you have? What would you do with your day or your week if money were not an issue? We call this your WHY. Our goal is to help you enjoy more WHY days!

Remember, your ‘day’ profession probably took several years to train for, and this industry has a learning curve too. The risk-rewards ratio has a much better payoff in our industry – I’ve found the real winners are those who are 1) coachable, 2) apply consistent effort, and 3) treat this like a business – know that it is a 2-5 year plan for great success. Some people get luck and it happens sooner, but the average person who applies average effort consistently will achieve GREAT results in 2-5 years!

Must have great people skills, want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others, own a home computer, be coachable (that means you know how to follow success), and want to have fun!

We are neither a party plan or product peddling company.

We teach you how to build a profitable business capitalizing on two key trends:

1) Wellness – specializing in cleansing and replenishing the body to create optimal Health, Weight, and Energy and

2) Answering the number 1 question people have – how do I make money in this New Economy? Our Team places emphasis on teaching people to build profitable businesses using relationship marketing – both on and offline – using 50 + different methods.
Ranges from $20 - $1,000
The people I personally mentor typically enter at the $400 level
The Women With Dreams time-tested proven system provides training and mentoring combined with strong tools from our Billion Dollar partner company

We offer a FREE ebook '39 Wealth Building Secrets’ at our website: you’ll want to be sure and download. Weekly training, TEAM, and opportunity calls, webinars, and live events are also available.
Regular Incentives are part of our program.

There are permanent bonuses in place that add up to more than $8,000 for reaching beginning and intermediate sales and team building goals, typically within 60 to 180 days. This $8,000 is in addition regular compensation which is generous..
There are no mandatory quotas – however, if you want to earn a check, you must order $120-$150 of product on a monthly basis. There are no mandatory training requirements, however, personal development will assist in the development of you and your TEAM.
Should you choose to partner with us, and you are coachable (that means you know how to follow success), it’s very feasible that you could be earning will be earning at $500 to $1,500 within 60 days—I have had some women earn more and others less—it depends on your personal situation.

Earnings average 6 percent on your ENTIRE TEAM (no levels). This compensation plan is a binary plan that is a one-third/two-thirds split. It is very generous and allows you to earn income 5 ways: Retail, Product Introduction Bonuses, Team Bonuses, Matching Check Bonuses, and Autoship Rewards. We always have additional incentives.
Debbie Wysocki - Founder/Owner
Phone: 800-576-3767