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Myo3world - Weight Management Business

By: Jerret Goodale and Ryan Tolley

Introduction:   Did you know that we are the sickest generation of Americans in history? 67.8 percent of north Americans(approximately 200 million) are overweight or obese. On May 18, 2008, the United States Surgeon General described this epidemic as a "national catastrophe." Obesity is killing more than 500,000 people and costing an estimated $100 Billion in North America each year.

Experts say the number-one cause of obesity is overeating and portion control. Welcome to MyO3World where you can manage your weight through hunger and portion control, SAFELY! FORM puts you in control of your portions, helping you make decisive eating habits, not compulsive ones. Now you are in control! All of these benefits....and no surgery! TransFORMing, SAFE(No Drugs), and EFFECTIVE(works 100% of the time).

Because MyO3World is the World of Opportunity, you will be financially healthy, not sick. Money makes good people better!

  • FDA Registered
  • Patent Pending
  • We are the only game in town(No other product of its kind on the market)
  • Ground Floor Opportunity without the risk.(Fully funded by a Debt Free and Publicly Traded Company)

As we share the MyO3World opportunity, we give ourselves the opportunity to make change around the world, one person at a time.

Self starter with strong desire for success, willingness to learn, and

If it works DO IT!

Free through July 2008!!!!

Personal Mentoring, Tele-training, Web training, and more.

Cars bonus and fast start bonus


Directly related to effort

Jerret Goodale - 530.917.0249
Ryan Tolley - 530.949.4989