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Healthy Chocolate Business
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MXI Corp. – Xocai Healthy Chocolate Business

Hi there! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to consider MXI’s Healthy Chocolate Business opportunity. My name is Jennifer Trask and I am located up in St. John’s, NL, Canada. My background is sales and marketing in the corporate world. After working for a while in the corporate world I realized that I wanted more from a job. In fact – I didn’t want a job; I wanted to do something that I was passionate about that never felt like work. I wanted to work for me, make my own schedule and be the driver of my income. So, I looked at the amazing industry of relationship marketing as a potential opportunity for me.

Once I did due diligence on the Healthy Chocolate Business company that I was introduced to, I realized that I had my ‘golden ticket’! Here’s why: 1 Billion people eat chocolate everyday!

Did you know that chocolate is a vegetable? Chocolate, or cacao in the raw, is grown in pods on trees. It is the highest source of antioxidants in the world. It also has a myriad of other minerals and nutrients in it. So, like all vegetables, when you heat them, the nutrients start to come out of them. You can lose up to 75% of nutrients in the cooking process.

MXI Corp is the maker and category creator of the world’s first Healthy Chocolate: Xocai. Xocai is a cold-pressed chocolate (not heated to keep 100% of the nutrients in tact!) with Acai and Blueberries. We have no high glycemic sugars, added fillers, etc. This is a chocolate that is changing people’s health. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly, diabetic friendly, Kosher and helps level out blood sugar levels. Yes, people are even finding it helping with weight loss!

We have a nugget that represents ½ lbs of spinach in antioxidant value.. and YES it tastes decadent!

Company leadership is outstanding and sales growth has been phenomenaul as we went from Year 1: 10 Million, Year 2: 25 Million, Year 3: 55 Million and we are on track for $100 Million this year proving the science behind chocolate is undeniable!

There are so many amazing mom’s like yourselves running our Healthy Chocolate Business and having tremendous success! Having been with Xocai for a year now in September 2009, I can say, I am seeing it happen over and over again to so many different types of people, creating the income that they desire, enjoying the health benefits of eating and sharing Healthy Chocolate and just having a ball doing it!

With world wide exclusive patents, 198 R&D staff, contracts with the largest manufacturer of block chocolate in the world… Xocai is unique and the absolute sweetest business opportunity today! 

- a willingness to learn
- open minded
- teachable
- prosperity minded
- team oriented
- ready for opportunity!

There are numerous selling methods including online, home chocolate tastings, and of course, just talking to people! We have phenomenal tools such as DVD’s, CD’s and online presentations to help you build your Healthy Chocolate Business. We are a very team oriented organization. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

The associate fee is $39 to start. This gets you a back office (where you run your Healthy Chocolate Business in real time), the ability to buy at wholesale and a website. Then you have to activate your business with an initial order. One box of chocolates = 1 persons, 1 Month supply of healthy chocolate.

There are 3 activating orders you can choose from to get your Healthy Chocolate Business going:

#1 - with 2 boxes of chocolate @ $110 + shipping each = $220 + shipping. This is an option for people who would like to be a customer and get the chocolate at wholesale, or for people who just want to try the business out.

#2 - with 6 boxes of chocolate @ $110 + shipping each = $660 + shipping. Here you will be able to start building a solid Healthy Chocolate Business and have the ability to order additional product and get commissions for it.

#3 - with 12 boxes of chocolate @ 110 + shipping each = $1320 + shipping. This is for people who are really excited and want to build a business quickly. This is called the 'fast track' program. You are able to take full advantage of the compensation plan here.

Training in MXI is first class! There is a full online training system. There are regular calls, webinars, live events and of course, the most important, your team. You work closely with your sponsor and upline to help you build your business. This is a ‘learn as you earn’ business. You are never alone nor do we promote that. We are very team oriented and help each other grow.
There are seven ways to make money in our company. There are many bonuses including a Gold Fly In where you will be flown in to head office, given training, a Lake Tahoe cruise and meet with corporate leadership. There are two different Mercedes Benz allowances, two luxury cruises each year, financial bonuses, company profit sharing bonuses and product promotions.
There are no mandatory sales requirements to be in business. To keep your volume and be eligible for commissions you must be on auto ship. Auto ship consists of 1 box of chocolate every 4 weeks, or when you become an Executive or higher, 2 boxes of chocolate every 4 weeks. That’s it! That is your only mandatory business overhead! 

Please list the basic pay scale and possible earnings for this business.
There are 7 ways to earn money. The best way to see it is in video form at  Click on ‘This Compensation Plan Rocks!’.

Income in this opportunity is unlimited. We have people at many different pay scales including people who just want a bit of extra income a month to people who are replacing their incomes to people who are making incomes they only dreamed of! It is all for the taking, it is up to you and your support team is here to help you achieve your desired goal! Anything is possible here… it’s chocolate!

Jennifer Trask - Independent Distributor
+1-888-225-3008 EXT 1443