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Listen to a message from Rhea

Educating for Success - Real Estate Investor

By: Rhea Perry

Educating for Success, Inc. brings families together with home business through online education and live events. Our purpose is to help adults and teens discover what they are called to do, get the specific education and encouragement they need to work from home and take action to become
financially free.

Rhea Perry is a veteran home school mom of seven who helps others develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become financially free. Her son Drew became a real estate investor when he was 18 and in just three years purchased 24 houses. That income replaced his dad's income allowing him to come home. Drew now teaches real estate investors how to sell houses on eBay and owns
and operates a local construction company. 

A one-day event Rhea hosted in her home in 2001 has become an annual international home business conference featuring millionaire guest experts in a variety of fields (real estate, stock market, selling on eBay, publishing, Internet marketing and more) who teach their areas of expertise to adults and teens -

Educating for Success, Inc. helps individuals secure education and encouragement in the areas of real estate investing, stock marketing investing, selling on eBay, marketing on the Internet, creating virtual products, publishing e-books and print books, securing sponsorships and developing an entrepreneurial mindset to establish financial security.

Educating for Success, Inc. offers online education through emails, a weekly ezine, article marketing, Pay-per-click advertising, blogging, mailing greeting cards, doing radio interviews and submitting occasional ads in other online ezines and sites.

Costs vary depending on class, event or mentoring.

Educating for Success, Inc. provides personal training with its personal mentoring program, To join, members make a one-time payment, then pay a monthly fee as long as they remain in the program. We also offer inexpensive ebooks to help individuals create a godly entrepreneurial mindset and weekly tele-conference calls to provide other educational opportunities. Prices vary on our classes and programs.

Educating for Success, Inc. maintains an affiliate program offering 50% commission for all of our events. The Top Affiliate for our annual home business conference - -  is $1,000.

The only requirement to attend one of our classes, events or mentoring program is to desire to become financially free while serving others.

As an affiliate, you earn 50% of every sale. Registration for our conferences is usually about $297 to $397 per person. Enter your information to become an affiliate and you will receive a link with your unique affiliate I.D. embedded into it.

Rhea Perry - President