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Concept Now Cosmetics Business and Moms Just Go

Introduction to Concept Now Cosmetics Business:

Cosmetics BusinessConcept Now Cosmetics was founded by Rita Berro in 1971, herself a newly single mom raising two daughters. Her skin care values then and now are simple… purity, integrity, balance, health and well-being.

Together with a noted pharmacologist, she wanted the focus to be on an extraordinary skin care regime that would support and enhance your skin’s natural functions and renewal processes. Together they insisted these beauty essentials be natural, pure, fresh, and free of harsh chemicals. These great time-tested products still have the same focus as they did when they were created in 1971. Today, CNC is where science meets skincare.

Concept Now Cosmetics continues to be a family-run Cosmetics Business committed to the same principles of bringing Rita's affordable skin care line to women internationally. Women worldwide continue to reorder CNC’s prestigious and affordably priced skin care products over and over again.

What makes a CNC Cosmetics Business better than other direct sales companies?

This is a very important point to CNC.

* No upfront costs or startup fees
* No required minimum purchases
* No automatic shipments
* Earn up to 50%* on everything you sell based on retail price of products

Some internationally known direct sales companies charge their Cosmetics Business consultants $500 to $1000 in start-up fees and require minimum purchases in order to set up their home based businesses. CNC won't do that! You order only what you need when you need it.

***If you chose not to become a consultant, you are welcome to purchase our products online for your personal use. We have many customers who use our products but prefer not to be a part of our Cosmetics Business sales force.

We encourage you to think outside the box and choose the methods that work for your personality and your schedule. You can keep your Cosmetics Business simple by selling just to your friends, family and neighbors. You can bring back the art of Home Parties, sell the products in salons and beauty supplies, set up a booth at your local farmer’s market or sponsor a local team.

Zero. Nothing. There is no cost to join our company. When your Cosmetics Business is up and running and you're ready to start selling, simply order what and how much you think you’d like to sell. That’s it.

Our staff is there to help you Monday thru Friday or you can contact us 24/7 via our website with any questions you have.

We provide you a monthly newsletter online featuring our discounted specials and sales tips from the field. Our Mentoring Program is designed to have Consultants work with Consultants, each from a different state, to share their Cosmetics Business success tips and information. We also offer you, your own CNC website.
As a CNC independent consultant you can purchase our products at wholesale prices. In doing this, you’ll be able to set retail prices you feel are best for your Cosmetics Business. We continue to add new ways for you to find success in your career with Concept Now.

CNC has no requirements other than those that you set for yourself and your Cosmetics Business. Those who choose to work harder and smarter truly reap the benefits.

CNC works on a commission basis. We send checks every 30 days so you see your results right away. You can earn up to 50% profit on every product you sell. Sponsor others to become a Cosmetics Business consultant and you’ll earn a percentage of everything SHE sells. If you choose to follow the path to become a Unit Director, you’ll receive cash bonuses for your ‘unit’s’ volume as well as your regular commissions for everything your sponsoree sells.

Karen McRoberts - Vice President