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About This Article: Types of Computer Games

What types of computer games are out there today? New technology brings out different types of games on a regular basis.

Types of computer games

Basically there are four types of computer games. The first is strategy, second is first person shooters, third is 3rd person views and the fourth is racing. Each type of game gives a different type of gaming experience and a different type of challenge.

Strategic games consist of games like War Craft, Red Alert, Sim City, Generals, Command and Conquer and so on. These games need to be played with caution and patience. For example you will have to first start building your city. To build you need to have an income which usually consists of things like gold, silver, wood, stone, coal, oil and so on. When building your city you will have to use the necessary upgrade at the necessary time; build the right type of building and upgrade them accordingly. You will have to create workers for labor and soldiers to defend and attack cities. It requires a great sense of balance and patience. These types of games have become very popular amongst skilled players who are capable of concentrating on more than one thing at a time.

First person shooters have become one of the most popular types of games available in the market. Games with the first person view gives an unique experience, a feeling like you are inside the game. There are many types of games ,including shooting games, which has given the nick name for this type of game mode as first person shooters.

3rd person viewed games have a wide variety. Starting from 3rd person controllers or 3rd person shooters where you control a figure or person; but unlike in first person mode in this mode you view the game from an observer's point of view. This gives the ability to create games which have a wide variety of games like 3rd person shooters, strategic games, fighting games and so on. Most sports games also fall under this category.

Finally the racing games come into play. These types of games are separately shown because the player has the option of changing the view of the game from first person to third person. The experience of racing differs from each type of view. For example if a player is using the dash board view he/she will not be able to see the car and only the up coming track will be seen. This allows the player to make sharp turns and make close up maneuvers. If you look from the first person view of the driver you will be able to see the inside of the car which will of course reduce the tight bends you can take. The player can opt to look from above the car as well, which is a third person view.

These are the basic types of games available in the market, each of which is designed to create a unique gaming experience. Different people prefer different types of game depending on their individual taste. This does not imply that one type is superior to the other. It just depends on the taste of each gamer.
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