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About This Article: The Top Ten Computer Games

What are the top ten computer games? Is your favorite on the list?

The top ten computer games

There are many computer games out there. These games are categorized into several units called strategy, first person shooters and third person views. Some gamers play all three types of games while others prefer one above the rest. What ever may be the taste of you gaming style there are some games which will always remain to be better than the rest.

In this article I will list ten games which I think are the best games out in the market. Views may differ but the list is totally my decision and I do not wish to discriminate or judge any other person, company or game.

- The first in my list of greatest games ever is the strategic game War Craft. There are many versions and stages to this epic battle between humans, orcs, night elves and the undead. You can follow the campaigns of the story line and create massive armies to destroy and crush your enemies or choose a one hero and attack and vanquish all evil from the land.

- Call of duty is a first person shooter. You start to play during mission during the Second World War up to the latest release of the game "Call of duty 4: modern warfare." This is one of the best 3D shooting games available and will give you an experience like no other.

- Halo is one of the best 3D shooters ever created. You start of as the master chief in a bio suit which makes you extremely resistant to alien fire. The game is set in the future, when the existence of the earth is under threat by an invading army of ruthless and well trained aliens. It is up to you to decide the out come of the world buy completing the assigned missions.

- Crisis is without doubt the game with the best graphics available in the market now. Crisis is also a first person shooter and will knock you off your feet with the amazing graphics and gaming experience. You are a special army solder and is wearing the state of the art bio suit which help you to be super strong, be invisible and run faster. The enemies of the well being of this green earth do not have a chance in hell against your training and dedication.

- Medal of Honor is also a 3D shooter which will blow your mind of. Set during the Second World War the game follows actual events which happened during the time, like the Normandy beach assault. This game is one of the best games ever made and will truly test you skill and your character. Medal of Honor will truly give you one of the best gaming experiences that you will ever have.

- The next in my list of best games ever made is a strategy game called Red Alert. This game is set in modern war fair will test your skill on building a city and defending against enemy attack. There are many missions to choose from which will test your skills to command and conquer the best armies in the world.

- Grand theft auto or better known as GTA is a unique 3rd person game. You are given a character and have to complete the missions assigned to you. You have full range of motion with in the game. You can eat, drink, work out, buy cloths, pick fights, steal cars help your friends and so many other things that you can do. It truly gives an experience of the natural life of a person with commitments.

- Tomb Raider is another 3rd person view game. You are the character Lara Croft and you are a tom raider. Your mission is to find an object of immense value or some other mission which will lead you into an adventure like no other. Tomb Raider will truly test you skills of thinking, understanding and the passion to explore. The Tomb Raider will give you a unique gaming experience like no other.

- Age of emperies is another strategy game. Set during the glory days, you will have to build your city and your army to stop the onslaught of other kingdoms. You can follow in the foot steps of William Wales, Saladin or the mighty and powerful Genghis Khan.

- Finally the best racing game ever made, Need for Speed. You will get to race cars which spans from Porches, Mclaren F1s, Lamborghinis, Concept cars to Mercedes SLKs to Aston Martins. NFS will give you a true gaming experience on racing. You will get to race on streets and on tracks any given time of day with different and spectacular views. Your will be chased by cops and helicopters who will be trying to stop you while you face some of the best races in the world. NFS truly is the best racing game ever made.

These are some of the best game I have played and experienced. There might be other games which can be argued to be said as better but as I said before these ten games are my choice and will remain there until proven otherwise.
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