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A hobby horse is a wooden or wickerwork toy made to be ridden just like a real horse (which was sometimes called a "Hobby").
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About This Article: What People Collect: Popular collections

Anything and everything can be a collectible. There are various types of popular collections around the world. provides you more information on popular collections

What people collect

There isn't any particular list of items which can be classified as collectibles. Anything and everything can be a collectible. A lot of people consider collectibles as items that don't come under the popular antique categories books, furniture, pottery, etc. Collectibles can be items such as post - world war II toys, mags, sports merchandise, comics or even trading cards. eBay has more than 50 categories under 'collectibles, which include kitchenware, military items, pens, etc. The more unusual collectibles include barbed wires, board games, telephones, and baby rattles.

Most collectors tend to acquire items that have a special sentimental value to them, such as items popular during their childhood. Collectors who grew in the early 20th century tend to collect cast - iron vehicles, which were really popular. Collectors who grew up in the 60s generally collect superhero dolls, comic books, robots, Beatles memorabilia or other such things that were popular.

Things which are made specially for collections can also be classified as collectibles. Some of these items tend to be termed as 'limited editions' or 'collector's editions'. These are often given numbers to increase the 'collectability' of the item. Popular examples include limited - edition porcelain items, toys like collector - edition Barbie dolls or Hot Wheels cars. Such items are produced in small quantities, thereby creating really big demand for them so that whatever is produced will be sold off. Though manufacturers often claim that they may increase in value in future, most of these generally don't. Despite claims that it is produced in limited quantities, plenty are produced, thereby, losing their value as the demand for them falls.

According to definitions, collectors should decide what items they want to collect and what they should not. Once a particular category is identified, collectors will either take a very broad approach (collecting everything in the category) or collecting a particular type. Anyone interested in collecting toys can collect them according to particular themes, eras, particular manufacturer, by region, or according to the material from which it is made. This still gives the collector a variety of alternatives when trying to narrow down the type of collectibiles according to their scope and size, often necessary for people who are on a limited budget. Generally, collectors tend to start off by collecting a wide variety. As they become more an dmore involved, they tend to narrow down their variety of collections. Generally, the unwanted collectibles are sold off or traded with other such collectors.
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