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About This Article: What Critics Say About Computer Games:effects of computer games

Learn about the effects of computer games and how it may affect your health.

What critics say about computer games

When computer games started to come out into society there were many critics saying that computer games are worse than drugs. That computer games breaks the minds of children and destroy their sense of being. Some critics went as far as saying that some games promoted violence which would result in a child starting to think in the way of the game it self.

As time went buy the point of views of most critics changed, but bear in mind there is some truth to what they are saying. First let's see what the critics were saying about computer games in general. Critics use to say that all computer games cause a child to be disoriented and act violently. As we all know now this is not true. It is true that there are games with different level of violence, but the game has also recommended a minimum age limit suited for players. It is up to the parents or the guardians to check this and keep their child in line.

It is now proven that some games actually help the development of the child's brain in many ways. One such way is to help the child make quick decision. In a game there are split second decisions that need to be taken. In life there are many occasion that a child would have to make a quick decision. This actually helps in exams as well. Quick thinking and making quick decisions will help the child to save time when facing an exam. Strategic games will help the child to develop other skills. Take for example a game were the child has build a city and an army, defend it against attack and finally accomplish the mission. This might sound a little scary to parents but actually it will help the child to understand balance. Life as we all know is an act of balance. The game will automatically teach the child to balance the income, develop what is needed, guar it self against attack and achieve their goals.

Now there are games which are specifically built towards making the mind work. Children love to play, so what better way to teach them than through an educational game. There are so many games that will improve a child's mathematical skill, language skills, thinking skill, reasoning skill and so on.

There are games out there which are not suited for adults much less children. These types of violent games which provide a target of killing another as brutally as possible should be criticized thoroughly. But saying that does not mean that all games promote violence, it is just a bad point in a very larger sample.

Now critics do understand the meaning of games as a source of entertainment and a source of development. There are good and bad games out there, it is up to the parents or the guardian to chose wisely and provide for the young.
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