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A hobby horse is a wooden or wickerwork toy made to be ridden just like a real horse (which was sometimes called a "Hobby").
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About This Article: Types of Craft:creative craft

More information on various types of creative craft which use latest techniques and innovations

Types of craft

A craft is a physical skill that involves the use of hands, machines and tools to create something new and interesting. Craft is an expression of the creative instincts of human beings to give a vent to their imagination. It involves a sense of aesthetics and artistic values to create new and unique things of beauty as well as of utilitarian value.

There are incredibly large varieties of crafts that are popular all over the world. In different regions of the world there are different traditional crafts that are popular, and some are modern crafts using latest techniques and innovations.


There are many different crafts that make use of textiles to create new and unique things, designs and patterns. Cross-stitching, Crochets, Embroidering, Knitting, Patchwork, Quilts, Rug and carpet making, Weaving, Sewing, Shoe making, Spinning are some of the oldest examples of crafts that make use of textile fabrics, threads and other textile materials to create beautiful items. Even unique activities such as making attractive banners and posters, calligraphic art, making artistic lace work, macramé, tapestry, stringing, and T-shirt painting are such crafts that make use of textiles to create new things.


Wood, metal and clay are natural materials that have been traditionally used by artists and craftsmen to create amazing new items from these basic materials. Pottery making, sculpting, woodworking, carpentry, furniture making, jewelry making, wood carving, and metalworking are some of the popular crafts that make use of natural materials. Sculpture is a great craft that has been pursued by artistically inclined men since ancient times. Pottery making with the help of a potter's wheel and other tools is another popular craft that serves as a great hobby for many, and as a profession too.


Ordinary paper has been traditionally used for different crafts such as Altered bookmaking, Paper Modeling, Calligraphy, Collage making, Embossing, Paper craft, Origami, Scrap booking, Card modeling and so on. Paper modeling has been popular since ages, and everyone has made some simple paper model in the childhood usually. Now with the use of computers and color printers, this craft is becoming more popular among the younger generations.


The beauty of craft lies in the fact that it can make use of practically any material, and turn it into a piece of art and beauty. Making baskets from ordinary bamboo sticks, floral crafts, doll making using any waste materials in the home, ceramic and glass crafts using clay and glass materials, toy making, egg decorations and so on are some examples of how unique masterpieces can be created out of simple materials of everyday use.

SUMMARY: There are numerous types of crafts, both traditional and modern, that are practiced all over the world. Each craft has its own techniques and principles, and specializes in certain materials to create unique products of artistic as well as functional value.
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