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Reflexology Training

Becoming a reflexologist is relatively easier than some of the other professions in the medical arena such as pharmacists, nurses…etc. However it doesn’t mean that you can become reflexologist overnight. However the recent trend of turning towards traditional medical therapies has resulted in reflexology becoming more and more popular day by day. Further it offers you a more flexible career. So if you have a passion to calm and relax people and if you are good listener, Reflexology may be the perfect solution for you.

If you are interested becoming a reflexologist, the first step is to contact the local reflexology association in your area. It should be able to inform you comprehensively about learning reflexology in your area. You may ask for the details of certified schools, licensing and certification requirements applicable to your area….etc.

Then you may select a school and start learning reflexology. It is important that you select a school which gives an overall knowledge covering the areas such as biology, physiology, anatomy, chemistry, health and nutrition as well as ethics and professionalism apart from focusing on the main areas such as feet and hands. However covering a far more comprehensive area means it will take a longer time. There are courses of various durations ranging from six months to one year and more often than not the length of the course is an indicator of its comprehensiveness. A course may typically involve 100 hours of theory coupled with more than 300 hours of practical hours. During these practical hours students may get exposed to clients. Therefore it is your responsibility to build sound relationships with them which in turn will help towards your success in the future.

When you reach the latter stages of the course it’s important that you start working on marketing yourself as a reflexologist. The success will largely depend on the extent of contacts you have and the quality of service you provide which also is based on the personal relationship you develop with the client. Further you can enhance your earnings potential if you undergo a massage therapy course as well. However this may be subject to more stringent license requirements.

When you have successfully completed learning you may start working as a professional reflexologist. However prior to that you have to decide whether you’d like to go to clients or make them come to you. In each case you may be required to partner with different people in order to get their clients referred to you. If you decide to go to clients you need to partner with doctors, chiropractors, holistic practitioners as well as gyms. These partners will refer you their clients. However if you decide to let them come to you it would be beneficial to partner with podiatrists, chiropractors, doctor's offices, holistic health centres or local gyms and spas.

Even after establishing yourself as a professional reflexologist, do not assume that the learning is over. Since medical therapies are highly subjected to technological advancements you need to be constantly updated on latest trends and tips in reflexology. Therefore it is essential that you surf related websites and subscribe for industrial journals in order to ensure your survival in the industry.

To learn more about Reflexology please check the following links.

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