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Becoming A Massage Therapist

If you are a staying-at-home mom and enjoy healing and helping others to relieve stress, you are one of many women urging to start up their own massage therapy business right from home!

There is a predominant demand for massage therapists in the United States. Massage therapy is estimated to be a $6 to $11 billion industry. The reason for this phenomenal growth is the fact that massage therapy is used as a form of relaxation and healing by people of all ages and socio-economic classes alike. 

So what is so lucrative about being a massage therapist?

  1. The federal government classifies massage therapy as an emerging occupation, with an anticipated growth of 27.1%
  2. Consumers visit massage therapists approximately 114 million times every year. This clearly indicates the growing demand for the profession. The higher the demand, the higher your returns!
  3. The average earning power is within $40 and $75 per hour! And,
  4. According to, massage therapists earn a median income of $49,159 per year!

Massage Therapy is not only a rewarding and challenging field, but you also get the opportunity to help others relax and enjoy life. It is a caring profession, where you put the needs of others before you. And what’s more, starting a massage therapy business at home is easier than the usual business start ups!

So if you have dreamt of being your own boss, Massage Therapy is the ideal career! And the advantage of having your business at home is the personal attention you give to your customers. You do not run out from the first exist no sooner you get paid, but instead you focus on building customer relationships. Because a home business massage therapy is more relational in nature, thus increasing customer loyalty and eventually expanding your customer base!

It is also the ideal home business if you want flexibility in work. Because you practically decide on everything! From the number of hours you work, to the number clients you see – its’ up to you! Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for those annual promotions or quarterly bonuses if you need some extra cash. You simply have to work harder, and the returns will come to you instantly!

Not only will this business bring you great monetary returns, but you will also meet new people every day and expand you social network.

So if you’re a people person and enjoy helping others, don’t miss out on the earning potential of the Massage Therapy Industry, which is becoming an increasingly popular home business these days!

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Health and Fitness
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