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About This Article: Types of Nintendo

Since the introduction of the Nintendo many years ago, it has come out with different types of games and consoles.

Types of Nintendo

Nintendo of Japan is one of the oldest and one of the most famous manufacturers of video game consoles in the world. Since late 70's, Nintendo has introduced a wide array of home and portable gaming consoles in the world market, and remains one of the most popular consoles among all competitors globally.

At present there are three major types of Nintendo video game consoles are available in the global market and in constant demand from the gamers worldwide:


This is a most advanced seventh generation video game console launched by Nintendo. Its direct competitors in the market are the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp. and PlayStation 3 of Sony Corp. Based on the sales data collected by agencies such as the NPD Group and Enterbrain, in 2007 Nintendo was a global market leader in terms of sales of console units compared to its competitors.

The key differentiator in the Wii is its wireless controller, known as the "Wii Remote" that acts like a hand-held pointing device and is capable of detecting movements in 3 directions. Another unique characteristic of the Wii is the exclusive Nintendo WiiConnect24 online service, that facilitates the user to continually receive messages and updates from the Internet, even when in a Standby mode.

The immediate predecessor of the Wii was the Nintendo GameCube. Therefore, the Wii is capable of playing all the games that were introduced with the GameCube.


This is a highly popular seventh-generation, dual-screen, hand-held game console that sports a "clamshell" design, with 2 LCD screens, with the bottom one being a touch-screen. It also contains a built-in microphone, as well as supports Wi-Fi standards, enabling multiple users within a short range to interact with each other. Also the users in different geographical locations can connect to each other with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

Since its launch in November 2004, the Nintendo DS has sold over 85 million console units worldwide till date. (This also includes the number of DS Lite units sold, which is a variant of the original DS.)


In March 2006, Nintendo introduced the "DS Lite" model, which is a thinner and lighter variant of the Nintendo DS. It offers four levels of brighter screen sharpness. A significant change in the DS Lite is a longer and thicker Stylus, that substantially mitigates the impact on hand muscles and reduces the problem of cramps for the user.


This is the latest variant of the Nintendo DS that has been announced recently in October, 2008, and is currently available only in Japan. It will be launched worldwide around the first quarter of 2009. The DSi is nearly 12% slimmer than the DS Lite. It is also a hand-held device with two cameras, larger screen-size, and enhanced speakers. It also features a new SDHC Card slot that enables external and portable storage of pictures and downloaded content.

The Nintendo DSi also features a new "DSi Shop" that is an online store where the users can spend their "Nintendo Points" as currency, and download paid content and exclusive "DSiWare" to the internal unit memory or the external SDHC Card.

SUMMARY: The above-listed contemporary variants of the Nintendo gaming console are available concurrently in the market. It offers a choice to the user to select a game unit of his personal preference, that matches most closely to his specific needs and requirements.
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