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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
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About This Article: Types of Card Games

There are a variety of card games and these types of card games cater to different people with different tastes.

Types of card games

1. Trick - Taking Games

The objective of this type of card games is to win the cards played in a particular round, which are known as 'tricks'. Of course, the goal of games vary. Typically, goals would involve winning the most tricks, the least, or a particular number of tricks. Bridge, Spades, and various Tarot Games are famous examples of trick - taking games.

2. Matching Games

The goal of matching games is to get a particular set of matching cards before another player does so. In Rummy, this is achieved by taking a card from the pile, and disposing of one.

3. Shedding Games

In shedding games, players start off with a set of cards in hand, and the first person to discard all the cards in his hand wins. Switch, Crazy Eights are examples of this category. Some 'matching' games can also be categorized under 'shedding' e.g a different type of Rummy, called 'Phase 10', and the popular 'Old Maid'.

4. Accumulating Games

The goal of accumulating games is to get all the cards into your hand. Beggar - My - neighbour and Slapjack are famouse examples of accumulating games.

5. Fishing Games

Fishing games combine the features of matching and shedding games in that they 'fish' for cards by taking them from another player's hand, ask them for cards, or taking cards from a pile.

6. Comparing Games (aka Vying, Showdown)

Comparing games involve comparing the value of cards in every players hand to see who has the cards with the most value. Common examples are poker and blackjack.

7. Patience Games (aka Solitaire Games)

This is the only variety of card games that are designed by only one person. Most patience games start with a particular arrangement of cards, known as a tableau, and the goal would be either to make a particular design of cards (Grandfather's Clock), or to get the cards into a 'discard' pile (Freecell, Pyramid).

8. Drinking Card Games

As the name suggests, Drinking Card Game involves playing a card game to get a chance to drink, or to force other players to drink. Most such games are normal card games, with the presence of 'drinking' rules. A famous example is Presidents. Poker is sometimes played, with the wager being the awarding of a particular number of drinks.

9. Casino / Gambling games

The objective of these games, obviously, is to win money. Though you can make the winning of money possible in any card game, casino games are designed in such a way that betting becomes an important part of the game. Games like poker involve betting against other players, while games like Blackjack involve betting against the casino!
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