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About This Article: Types of X-box's

Learn about the different types of Xbox and how each one differs from the other.

Types of X-box's

The Xbox 360 by Microsoft is the successor to the original Xbox which has been discontinued now. The Xbox 360 is today one of the most popular video game consoles in the world. Microsoft developed this in technical partnership with IBM, ATI and SiS.

The Xbox 360 was launched in mid-2005, and since then over 22 million consoles have been sold globally.

Originally, two variants of Xbox 360 were introduced in the market: "Xbox 360 Core" and "Xbox 360 Premium". Now, the "Core" model has been discontinued by the company, while the "Premium" model still continues to be available.

Xbox 360 now comes in 3 different versions or variants, suiting to the needs and budgets of different sets of customers worldwide. These versions are: "Xbox 360 Arcade", "Xbox 360 Premium" and "Xbox 360 Elite".


This model is actually a substitute for the original "Xbox 360 Core". It was publicly launched on October 22, 2007. This model includes the Xbox 360 console, a wireless controller, a memory unit of 256 MB which is expandable, a composite AV cable, and HDMI output. The HDMI enables the user to enjoy the games in the highest possible definition, up to 1080 pixels. The HDMI cable is sold separately by the company. The Xbox 360 Arcade also includes the provision for "Family Settings" that enables parents to control gaming access for underage children.

Xbox 360 Arcade also comes with 5 Xbox LIVE Arcade game titles: Pacman Championship Edition, Uno, Luxor 2, Boom Boom Rocket, and Feeding Frenzy.

XBOX 360 Hard Drive is a 20 GB detachable storage drive that allows the user to save huge quantity of Xbox 360 content, including game saves, music, gamer profile, and Xbox LIVE content.


This version includes practically all features of Xbox 360 Core, and in addition it has a hybrid composite and component cable. It also comes with a 60GB Hard Drive to store data. The Hard Drive includes free game demos, video clips and one free LIVE Arcade game. The device comes with HDMI 1.2 output, though the 1.2 cable must be purchased separately. From October 2007 onwards, the latest consoles have been coming with the new "Falcon" mother-board that includes the 65nm CPU. The consoles for Holiday 2008 will come bundled with two game titles: "Lego Indiana Jones" and "Kung Fu Panda".


This is the latest and the costliest variant of the Xbox 360 console. It comes power-packed with a 120 Gigabyte Hard Drive memory. The body of the unit is designed in matt black finish. The package also includes an HDMI cable, a controller, and a headset that all match with the unit's matt black finish. The new Elite models are coming with the Falcon motherboard with a 65nm chipset. In the new sets, the power connector has been re-designed for a power supply at 175 watts. The motherboard design is also new. The units for Holiday 2008 season will come bundled with the game titles Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda.

SUMMARY: Xbox 360 has been designed in three versions, with different features and different prices, in order to cater to the maximum market segments, and universalize the popularity of the system. The user gets a choice, so he can select the version that fits his requirements most closely.
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