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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.

The Different Types of Gaming Available Today

Whether it's on a console or the traditional board game, gaming today has evolved into different types that include Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox, while traditional card and board games also exist. Games are constantly evolving with new versions being introduced and technology being used to improve the gaming experience. The Internet has also introduced a new platform for games, providing gamers all over the world a place on cyberspace to share and compete.

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All you need to know about the play station
t's a widely accepted fact that the PS3 is the best and the most advance console out there with its awesome graphics, motion - sensing controllers, network - capability and an awesome set of games. Therefore, there's a lot that you should be knowing about the PlayStation, which this article will explore:

PS3 Games

All the game console manufacturers, such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft love to show off the fact that their console is the most one out there, but how useful will the 'powerfulness' be if it doesn't have the best games? This is where the PS3 really beats all of them, with an awesome array of games, some of which are exclusive to PS consoles, such as MLB '08, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and Tekken : Dark Resurrection.


Sony has now made the DUALSHOCK 3 the official controller for the PS3 and stopped production of the SIXAXIS. This incorporates vibration and motion - sensing, which really gives you a feeling of involvement in the game. There's also a memory card adapter, a Bluetooth remote control and a HDMI AV cable.


One of the biggest 'yahoos' of the PS3 is that it can play Blu - Ray discs, so those of you who wanted to buy a BR player and a PS don't need to look further than the PS3. Another cool feature is the fact that it even 'upscales' your DVDs, so that they look really sharp on a HDTV. However, if you really want to make use of the PS3's HD capabilities, you'll be needing a HDMI cable.


You can go online with the PS3 and play online games, download games and songs and transfer some of the games you downloaded to the PSP. You can use the network for free, but you should pay for downloaded songs and some online games require you to pay a monthly fee. You can also chat and surf the web using the SIXAXIS or the keyboard.  Read More
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