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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
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About This Article: Why Play Games on The Computer

Lean why so many people enjoy playing computer games and enjoy spending time in front of a screen.

Why play games on the computer

There are a lot of people who prefer to use the computer for playing games, rather than using consoles like the Nintendo Wii, Play Station 3, or the X-Box 360. There are a wide range of reasons for this, some of which are given below:

It's very difficult to play Role Playing Games (RPGs) like The 'Sims'. This is mainly due to the fact that it tends to get very hard controlling the people, their actions and so on using a controller, whereas, in the case of a computer, you have both the mouse and the keyboard to do everything you need to.

Playing strategy and RPG games online is much easier (games like World of Warcraft), because you can talk to other people with the help of your keyboard. This is in stark comparison to the X-Box 360 where, in addition to the console, you have to purchase a subscription for a service called "X-Box Live" (which is necessary if you want to play multiplayer games online), which is an added cost. Adding to this is the fact that there are connectivity problems with Xbox Live, which makes it a real pain.

It's a well known fact that the computer has much better RAM memory when compared to any other console out there. This effectively means that you get to play games which are much better than the games on the consoles, since game developers can develop games which use up a lot of RAM memory.

Games are much cheaper to buy for the computer rather than for consoles. Games go for around $20-25 for the PC, whereas, for consoles, it's generally $40 upwards.

There are some really great Graphic cards out there for the PC which can really make the games look very realistic, almost as if you were actually there! However, this is not so for the consoles, which don't have the best graphic cards, which means that you really don't enjoy the game as much as you would, if you were playing it on the PC. For e.g. the PS3 only has 256 MB of memory, which really isn't good enough to play some high quality games. It is clear that computers offer a better overall performance for a great gaming experience than any other console available in the market for the purpose. What more, a computer can perform a multitude of other functions apart from providing good quality gaming options. Thus it would be wiser to invest in a good computer than a gaming console.

Summery: This article highlights why playing games on a computer is a so much better experience than playing games using a console such as a Play Station or X box, as a PC offers a better quality, cheaper gaming experience with many more options.
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