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About This Article: Nintendo Support

Nintento support is available when customers need help with games and other aspects of the gaming console.

Nintendo support

Nintendo offers excellent consumer support for the users of its consoles and games. There are many external sources and websites also that provide support for Nintendo hardware and software. But Nintendo's official website is probably the best and the most comprehensive resource for finding a solution to almost all your problems with Nintendo's products.


SYSTEM AND ACCESSORY SET-UP: This is a detailed section on the Nintendo website that assists the user in connecting to the television, and how to use the Wii Remote, how to access Wii channels, and answers most Frequently Asked Questions.

ONLINE CONNECTION SUPPORT: This section assists the user on how to set up the Wii online, and information on other features such as the WiiConnect24.

TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIR: For any problems with the Wii game unit, accessory, or software, the ready troubleshooter on the website can resolve most issues. Wherever further help is required, the website suggests the Repair or Replacement options.

INFORMATION FOR PARENTS: Provides details on how to achieve optimal satisfaction for the whole family from Nintendo products.


SET-UP AND INSTALLATION: Comprehensive details on setting up the DS system, and other issues related to connectivity and start-up are resolved in this extensive section.

TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIR: The troubleshooter is designed to resolve most of your expected problems. Wherever it proves inadequate, alternative Repair and Replacement options are provided.

NINTENDO WI-FI CONNECTION: This section deals with Nintendo Wi-Fi Friend Codes, Connectivity, and DS Browser.

MULTI-PLAYER: Any issues with the multi-player applicationsor the PictoChat feature are handled in this section of the website.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs): This extensive section tries to answer all possible FAQs in excellent details.


Information about Nintendo Game titles, all new as well as old ones, is available through various sources, websites and forums on the Internet. It is also available in magazines and publications, including Nintendo's official monthly magazine as well.

The official Nintendo website also provides maximum and detailed information online for almost all major present and past game titles.

The website of Nintendo also gives advice on where to purchase the games, and the latest news, details and ratings on various forthcoming or newly released games for Wii and DS systems.

There is a comprehensive "Games Play Page" as well that assists the users to understand and play a particular game and provides tips.

The Nintendo website also features an amazing Master Game List that can help you to locate practically every game title available on every Nintendo gaming system ever.

If the user wishes to check out details on a particular game, there are excellent manuals on several games available in PDF format on Nintendo website that can be downloaded for free.

Nintendo's online store also sells all the available titles, so the potential buyer can check directly on the store what titles are available currently and at what price.

SUMMARY: Nintendo's in-house support is totally comprehensive and almost leaves no gaps in communication that could keep the user confused or dissatisfied or looking elsewhere for information. The consumer orientation of Nintendo and its dedication towards total support to its users is a key factor behind its lasting success.
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